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Ask Politely #31

What is your favorite state park? It might be closing.

Kickapoo State Park located in nearby Oakwood will close Nov. 1 due to state-wide budget cuts that will also shut down several other state parks and historic sites throughout Illinois. The closures were recently announced by Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s office as a way to counter Illinois’ $2 billion budget shortfall.

Other parks and sites in the area affected by the closures inlude Moraine View State Park in Leroy, Bryant Cottage in Bement, Weldon Springs State Park in Clinton and Lincoln Log Cabin near Charleston.

Once closed, the public will no longer have access to the parks which will then be staffed with minimum personnel.

So, what do you think of these park closings and how will it affect you? Is it an appropriate way to make up our state’s budget deficit? Do you have any fond memories of these parks? And where will you go instead to appreciate and enjoy nature in our state?

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