Smile Politely

Ask Politely #47

This is a tough one for us because we’re basically asking you to tear us to shreds. It’s okay. We can handle it. We understand that we’re not perfect, and by no stretch do we believe that we know more than you, the reader.

Remember, our magazine is fully comprised of readers who have turned into writers or writers who just didn’t know they wanted to publish until we offered them a chance.

So, try to see this like talking to your neighbors about their garden. You may know more than them, or you might know less, but just offering your opinion and some ways to improve, no matter how hard it might be for us to hear, is very welcomed.

Okay. Tee off. Politely, if you can. But, you know, you can be mean if you are feeling salty, too. Your call.

— SP Editors

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