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Women ROCK at Institute 4 Creativity

Women ROCK and local musicians Rachael Wilson, Kenna Mae Reiss, Holly Monet & Emily Otnes proved this a short while back at the Instute 4 Creativity. Hosting the first show of this new set, Women ROCK encourages young females in the CU area to perform their own personal work as well as collaborate with other local artists. With four extremely talented mucisians, this first show was a definite success. 

The Institute 4 Creativity is a non-profit organization that encourages local artists of C-U to host performances, band practices, show their personal artwork, and overall encourage artists to explore their creativity. With a newly remodeled room specifically for shows, the dim-lit colored lights welcomed us in with a warm and inviting atmosphere. High rise ceilings and graffiti inspired artwork hanging on the walls were the perfect urban fit to what the artist’s described as a very “organic” show.

This was the first of many to come of the show series Women ROCK. If you’re interested in performing at the next upcoming show, feel free to contact the Instute 4 Creativity. The next show date is to be announced.

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