Smile Politely

Two days of the metal

Central Illinois Metalfest will make itself known Friday as black shirts and pale skin converge on the Canopy Club for two nights of head and people banging.

Bystanders will gawk. Ingrates will make ironic comments and be ignored.

29 bands will rage for thirteen hours each day, Friday and Saturday. Most will howl and vomit darkness for half-hour hypersets. The worthiest will own the late night stage for hours.

Headlining are Chicago band Master on Friday and New York’s Immolation on Saturday.

If you love metal you’re already going. If you don’t you should consider it. It’s an epic, boggling spectacle with rewards beyond the music.

Visit the Canopy Club page for times and booking.

Here are some videos to whet your appetite:

Goatwhore, “Alchemy of the Black Sun Cult”

Vital Remains, “Dechristianize”


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