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Turquoise Jeep: We all ride for each other

There’s no such thing as a guilty pleasure. If it makes you happy and doesn’t hurt you or anyone else, have a ball. Bust out those old episodes of Golden Girls and eat that tuna right out of the can. My own non-guilty pleasures include:

Drug-related reality shows (Intervention is great), romance novels, and stoner movies

My newest non-guilty pleasure: Turquoise Jeep.

I watched a few of their videos, and, I have to say, I’m sort of flabbergasted. They’re hilarious and innovative; I really like their stuff. I’m not even guilty about it. In fact, it takes a lot of skill to replicate a style so perfectly, and Turquoise Jeep does it with a great attention to detail. 

I talked to Flynt Flossy and learned more about the group and their background. Plus, I learned the phrase “coochie contusion.”

Smile Politely: How did the group start? What’s your origin story?

Flynt Flossy: Well, basically, we were all in the industry doing our own thing -song writing, directing, dancing, etc. So one day after an argument I had with an Executive that shall remain nameless, I decided I needed an outlet for total creative freedom. Fortunately, I was surrounded by like-minded people. So my long time friend Whatchyamacallit and I decided to form the company and connect with our friends, who we knew were amazingly talented.

If you want a sample of Flossy and Whatchyamacallit’s romantic side, give this a listen:

SP: And the group’s name! Where’d that come from?

Flossy: Turquoise is a color of serenity; we’re real chill, down-to-earth people. Jeep stands for unity; we all ride for each other. 

SP: Great! There’s always a good vibe when friends collaborate. 

How would you describe your sound?

Flossy: That’s a tough one, because our sound is a mix of so many things! From stuff we grew up on -we’re ’80s babies- to futuristic feels. I personally listen to all types of music: Mozart, Chicago, Prince, MJ, Tupac, Biggie… the list goes on. So I can be inspired by pretty much everything. This is the reason why we adopted the name “Existing Musical Beings” because we’ll come out with a hip hop feel track like “Why I Gotta Wait??” then come out with a futuristic track like “Taste You Like Yogurt”. So you just never know with us. 

I gave Yogurt a listen. If you find something sexier than this, I’d like to know about it. 

SP: Something for everyone! So, do you ever have artistic differences, or do you all basically have the same vision?

Flossy: Well even though all of us are weird in our own way… 

We can, sometimes, have different opinions, but we always vibe out and just roll with the best suggestion. No egos here. 

SP: That’s such an asset! An out of control ego can kill a great thing.

See these “existing musical beings” this Friday at the HighDive. C-U’s own DJ Belly will be there, and the night promises to be full of laughs, drinks, and fat beats. 

Quick note: I need to dance.

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