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Turn it up to El Ten Eleven

Saturday night’s show at The Accord was nothing short of spectacular. With performances from post rock titans El Ten Eleven, Shallou, and local artist Snayl, it was an awesome experience. 

El Ten Eleven

Snayl kicked off the night with a brand of music that could best be described as post-electronica. While one might mistake him for a DJ at first glance he continually adds layers to his music to create an atmospheric style combining heavier bass with lighter ambient overtones. Snayl recently released his first EP on his bandcamp page.


Next up was Shallou whose style is closer to techno with a heavier influence on bass and faster instrumentals while still maintaining an atmospheric overtone. Shallou’s music focuses on transitions and songwriting rather than specific beats and has more of a dance style with backing tracks.


Capping off the night were headliners El Ten Eleven. With a style based on looping guitar and bass riffs and fantastic songwriting these guys took it straight to another level. Bringing their own light show, playing double-necked guitar and bass, and having the drummer literally drum the guitar, El Ten Eleven has their own brand of flair that’s not soon to be forgotten.

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