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The Rekkid Store Report:  Oct. 6

Sooooo… Tells us about your new releases.

First off a special mention as the very limited vinyl version of You & Yourn’s new album, It Would Make Things Worse, has arrived safe and sound @ PMO. Only 250 pressed, so get it now while you can. The band is touring the West Coast this week and will return to C-U in two weeks. You & Yourn’s record release show is November 7th at Indi Go Art Coop in Champaign (9 University Ave, where Furniture Lounge used to be) and everyone should attend. Harmonies and harmonium, yum.

Incoming! New awesomeness from Osso with Sufjan Stevens (I’ll admit I don’t know what an Osso is but Sufjan I’ve heard of), Kurt Vile’s incredible Matador debut, Califone, local heroes Headlights, A Place To Bury Strangers’ monumental pink-noise assault, Cymbals Eat Guitars, Om, Matt ‘Fiery Furnaces’ Friedberger (who once played in Corndolly and led Liquorette, it’s true!), Guitar, Clientele, Lou Barlow, a new album from indie-guitar godfathers Mission of Burma, The Xx (sultry folk-pop theatre), Cory Chisel & The Wandering Sons (with local duo Elanors on board), Danish duo The Raveonettes (always great), Gossip, Built To Spill, those mandatory noise-rockers the Jesus Lizard’s batch of expanded reissues, Air, Dominique Leone, Hefner, Black Heart Procession (on CD, LP and USB), Boston Spaceships (Bob Pollard, again), Mountain Goats (does the MG guy still live in C-U?), new Ethernet on Kranky Records, funnyman (and Flight of The Conchord’s landlord) Eugene Mirman’s latest, a Three Mile Pilot 6CD boxset (Roy’s delerious), solo album from X founder Exene Cervenka, Lucero, Daniel Johnston, Muse, Avett Brothers, Beets, Aliens (ex-Beta Band), Orenda Fisk (Azure Ray gal), Fool’s Gold, Karen O & the Kids (the music from Spike Jonez’ Where the Wild Things Are), Princeton, The Melvins…

Wax On: A great majority of the full-lengths mentioned above come on wax as well, the aforementioned You & Yourn limited edition LP; plus 45s by Ganglians, Primitive Hands, LPs by Cheveu, MIJ, Emeralds, Sidekicks, Cave, Heads (live), Shearing Pinx; German Measles 12″, Velvet Underground singles boxset, Boredoms ‘Super Roots 10’ DLP, a Sarandon/Membranes split 45 on Slumberland, Modern Lovers LP reissue and Mudhoney’s ‘Self-Titled’, ‘EGBDF’ and ‘Superfuzz Bigmuff’ remastered with download codes! Of special note is the new Califone, vinyl version features “Lunar H”, a whole extra side of music not on the CD, plus download codes for the whole shebang.

Rocking Our World: It’s been local heroes lately: Headlights, You & Yourn, World’s First Flying Machine; plus the “new” release from Prefab Sprout, Flying Burrito Bros, Three Mile Pilot marathon boxset and Roy’s Poco boxset (no, I’m serious) have all graced the carousel in recent weeks. The new Lou Barlow album sounds awesome as I type this. And we’re finally tapering off on The Big Pink’s neo-new-wave debut, having switched gears into the The Jesus Lizard reissues. Spend a couple hours with the expanded, remastered versions of ‘Pure’, ‘Head’, ‘Goat’, ‘Liar’ and ‘Down’ (all on CD and LP), you might feel better, you might feel worse, but you won’t feel the same. In the words of frontman David Yow: “Thank you very goddamn much”.

Parasol’s Top Ten List for the week:

1.  Girls “Album” (True Panther Sounds/Fantasy Trashcan)
2.  Lloyd, Richard “The Jaime Neverts Story” (Parasol)
3.  Ducktails “Landscapes” (Olde English Spelling Bee)
4.  Six Organs of Admittance/Azul “Split” (PSF)
5.  Barlow, Lou “Goodnight Unknown” (Merge)
6.  Zola Jesus “Spoils” (Sacred Bones)
7.  Jesus Lizard “Liar [deluxe expanded re-issue]” (Touch & Go)
8.  Starving Weirdos “B/P/M Series 1” (Blackest Rainbow)
9.  McGill, Cameron & What Army “Warm Songs for Cold Shoulders” (Parasol)
10.  Bazan, David “Curse Your Branches” (Barsuk)

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