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The Rekkid Store Report:  Dec. 1

Sooo… Tell us about your new releases. 

syIncoming!  Hell, there’s still the new sunny-psych opus from Norway’s Sleepyard; full-lengths from the Bravery, Tape Deck Mountain, All Smiles (Grandaddy, Modest Mouse dude), Wooden Veil, Light of Words, My Majestic Star and the Fatales; a DCD from Drekka; and new issues of Mojo, Uncut, Wire, Yeti and Record Collector, for all you readers.

Wax On: Peanut Butter Wolf 10×7″ boxset, LP+CD combos from Electroluminescent and the Bravery; 45s from Black To Comm, Groupshow, a 180g repressing of TV On The Radio’s ‘Cookie Mountain’; along with two new 11th hour Mexican Summer releases on the way from Lucky Luke and Steve Moore, due in stock by Friday. We also restocked the new Washed Out 12″, likely the last we’ll see of this!

Rockin’ Our World: The Flaming Lips new one (can’t say we’re not trying), the reissue of Jawbox’s ‘For Your Own Special Sweetheart’, the sweet/dreamy new Sleepyard (Norwegian band with local, familial connections), the Dawes album (still purty) and the new effort from Echo & The Bunnymen. On the player right now is ‘The Wall Rebuilt – Disc Two’, a CD of Pink Floyd covers that comes with the new issue of Mojo Magazine.

But since this is a slow week for new releases, it is a great time to check out The Parasolarians’ fave releases of 2009. 

Parasol’s Top Ten List for the week of November 30: 

1.  Electric Bunnies “Through The Magical Door!” (Floridas Dying)
2.  Holopaw “Oh, Glory. Oh, Wilderness” (Bakery Outlet)
3.  All Smiles “Oh For The Getting & Not Letting Go” (Small Aisles)
4.  A Grave With No Name “Mountain Debris” (Lefse)
5.  Yves/Son/Ace “Parade of Thoughts/Can’t Sleep” (Night People)
6.  Sun Ra “Antique Blacks” (ReR)
7.  Miller, Evan “Beeswax Ephemera” (Preservation)
8.  Lovvers “Think” (Wichita)
9.  Bad Sports “S-T” (Douchemaster)
10.  Girls At Dawn “S-T” (Captured Tracks)

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