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The Overture: Sept. 20 -26

WHAT: The Pygmalion Music Festival

WHERE: Downtown Champaign and along Goodwin in Urbana

WHEN: Wednesday, Sept. 22 to Saturday, Sept. 25

There is no doubt this is the biggest rock-based event in C-U all year. If you have somehow managed to avoid seeing the lineup for this one, then go here immediately. On paper, this certainly seems like it will be the best year yet, with solid options every night. We’ll have much more over the coming days.

WHAT: CU Roots and Folk Festival

WHERE: Downtown Urbana

When: Thursday, Sept. 23 to Saturday, Sept. 25

This one also looks pretty great on paper. Dozens of great artists playing all over Urbana for three nights (and one day). Certainly going to make for some difficult decisions this week. One great thing about this festival is that it has quite a few family-friendly sets and activities for those of you who can’t get out every night because of the kids. You can check out our preview here.

WHAT: Bobby Rush, BJ and Eric Riggins

WHERE: 88 Broadway

WHEN: Sunday, Sept. 26

Blues/R&B legend Bobby Rush comes to town to help celebrate WEFT’s ongoing 30th Anniversary. Though Rush has been performing for over fifty years, his popularity has increased more over the last couple of decades due to his crazy live sets, which apparently include costume changes and skits. And I’m for over-the-top performance, but the live soul-funk-blues music remains the core and the real reason to show up for this one.

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