Smile Politely

The Overture: Apr. 12—18

WHAT: Tommy Castro Band

WHEN: Thursday, April 15th at 8 p.m.

WHERE: 88 Broadway

OK, I know this is another creepy show in a post-apocalyptic mall — but the band is going to be absolutely awesome. Tommy Castro recently signed to Chicago’s Alligator Records, which is sort of like Touch & Go for middle-aged white people.


WHAT: Duke of Uke

WHEN: Friday, April 16th at 6:30 p.m.

WHERE: Panera (Green St. location)

I’ll admit this is kind of a strange place for a show, but at least isn’t in an Urban Outfitters. Get yourself a sandwich and pray that Dave busts out the bread suit for this one. The band will also play the WCIA Morning Show at 8 a.m.


WHAT: Record Store Day show with Elsinore, The Palace Flophouse, Mertz, Mike Ingram & Kayla Brown, Delta Kings, DJ LEGTWO, numerous other bands

WHEN: Saturday, April 17th at 10 a.m.

WHERE: Exile on Main St.

Music starts at 10 a.m. to accomodate this gargantuan lineup, completely with almost every genre imaginable. Since the show is free, consider it your civic duty to pick up some stuff from the store so they can do this again next year.


WHAT: Record Store Day show with Mazes, Cameron McGill (solo), Jake Fleischlii, Elsinore, New Ruins, TBA

WHEN: Saturday, April 17th at 12 p.m.

WHERE: Parasol Records

Parasol may not have the pure oomph of the Exile lineup, but they have (in my opinion, anyways) one of the coolest spaces in town, plus food, giveaways, all four (five?) members of New Ruins and a theoretical BYOB policy.


WHAT: The Antlers, Phantogram

WHEN: Saturday April 17th at 10 p.m.

WHERE: Canopy Club

It hurts me to say this, but I thought the Antlers were awful at Pygmalion last year. Blame it on the chatty crowd, the band’s somewhat difficult brand of music, or the guy from Wavves standing five feet from me, but I just couldn’t get into the show. However, forgiveness is a virtue, and I’m certainly willing to give these guys a second chance based on the amount of good press their live show has been getting lately.


WHAT: Tiger Bones, Menthols The Runnies, My Werewolf Diary

WHEN: Saturday, April 17th at 10 p.m.

WHERE: Bentley’s Pub

Elzie Sexton’s third show of the day — good for him. And no, this is not a Menthol reunion, but that doesn’t mean you should stay home. A cheap cover ($3) and Bentley’s great beer selection are reason enough to come out. Note: The Menthols are out, The Runnies are in.



4/20/10 – Jill Andrews, Kayla Brown & the Dulcet Kin @ Cowboy Monkey — I was worrying that there wouldn’t be a good 4/20 show and this pops up. Andrews used to play in The Everybodyfields, one of the best bluegrass groups to exist in the last decade. One of the best things about that band (aside from their awesome cover of “Today” by Smashing Pumpkins) was Andrews’s voice, which will surely be front and set at a solo set.

4/30/10 – Rock Out Against Rape Benefit with Mike Ingram & Kayla Brown, My Werewolf Diary, Corn Desert Ramblers @ Highdive — The cause, cover ($5) and lineup are all unassailable. Stay late and go bananas at DJ dance night, or head on over to Monticello for Ra Ra Riot and the Delta Spirit.

5/7/10 – Corcid, Thrash Zombie, Commodity, Heavy Lies the Crown, Short Handed Goal, The Soviet, Atheory, We Must Dismantle All This, The Diamond Stretch @ The Phoenix — I can’t remember a show this packed since the McKinley foundation heyday. The Phoenix is even going AA for this, and to make it even more of a punk show, it’s in the basement.

5/18/10 – Jane Boxall @ Aroma Cafe — Champaign’s prodigal daughter returns yet again. While she won’t be exercising her considerable chops on drums that made Triple Whip so great, her marimba work is no less engaging.

LOOKING AHEAD (new additions in bold)



Iron Post – Morgan Powell’s Traditional Jazz Orchestra (5 p.m., $5)



Iron Post – George Turner DMA Recital (5:30 p.m., free)

Iron Post – Bate Colada (8 p.m., $3)


88 Broadway – Tommy Castro Band (8 p.m., $15)

The Brass Rail – Withnail, Ussop the Liar (10 p.m., $TBA)

Canopy Club – This Must Be the Band (Talking Heads Tribute) (10 p.m., $8 Adv)

Cowboy Monkey – Cameron McGill and What Army, Withershins, Tricia Scully (10 p.m., $7)

Iron Post – U of I Big Band/Combo 4 (7 p.m., $2)

Krannert Center – Joshua Bell


Bentley’s – Dan Hubbard (10 p.m., $3)

Cowboy Monkey – Santah, David Vandervelde, Ghostfinger, Jitney (9:30 p.m., $7)

IMC – IMCFest w/TBA ($TBA)

Iron Post – Jeff Helgesen Quintet (5 p.m., free)

Memphis on Main – Delta Kings (9 p.m., $5)

Mike ‘n Molly’s – Arkansas Dogjaw, Midmost, The Private Thoughts (10 p.m., $5)

Panera (Green St. Location) – Duke of Uke (6:30 p.m., free)


Bentley’s – Tiger Bones, Menthols, My Werewolf Diary (10 p.m., $5)

Canopy Club – The Antlers, Phantogram (10 p.m., $12)

Champaign Public Library – Elsinore (4 p.m., free)

Cowboy Monkey – Daijaku, The Madeira, Abstract Artimus (10 p.m., $5)

Exile on Main St. – Record Store Day Show with Elsinore, The Palace Flophouse, Mertz, Mike Ingram & Kayla Brown, Delta Kings, DJ LEGTWO, Take Care, Kirkwood West, Vapor Lanes, Beat Kitchen, My Werewolf Diary (Elzie from New Ruins), DJ Belly, S.Words w/ DJ Belly, Santah, Tractor Kings, DJ Tim Hayden, Rice the Sound Transmitter, Epilep[c] (12 p.m., free)

The Highdive – Shannon Curfman (7 p.m., $12 Adv)

IMC – IMCFest w/TBA ($TBA)

Iron Post – Big Bluestem (4 p.m., free)

Iron Post – No Secret (6 p.m., $4)

Iron Post – Rumba Na Biso (9 p.m., $3)

Mike ‘n Molly’s – Sun Stereo (formerly Heyokas), Grody Hunt, Ornery Little Darlings (9 p.m., $5)

Parasol Records – Record Store Day Show with Elsinore, New Ruins, Jake Fleischli, Cameron McGill (solo), Mazes, TBA (12 p.m., free)

The Phoenix – Seven Year Existence (8 p.m., $5)

Urban Outfitters – Boneyard Arts Festival Show with Mickey Karbal (5 p.m., free)


Assembly Hall – Daughtry, Orianthi, Lifehouse (7:30 p.m., $29-39)

Cowboy Monkey – Robbie Fulks, Jake Fleischli (8 p.m., $10 Adv)

IMC – Lac La Belle (7 p.m., $TBA)

Iron Post – Stories and Beer (4 p.m., free)

Iron Post – Music of Djando Reinhardt (7 p.m., $4)

The Rose Bowl – Bill Kirchen ($TBA)

Urbana Free Library – The Duke of Uke (2 p.m., free)



Cowboy Monkey – Jill Andrews, Kayla Brown & the Dulcet Kin (8:30 p.m., $7)

Iron Post – Woody Woodward (5 p.m., free)

Iron Post – Music of Art Blakey with Karim Yengsep, Joan Hickey (8 p.m., $4)


Station 211 – Adult Swim Block Party featuring Clipse and Motion Potion (6 p.m. Free)


Aroma Cafe – Ashley Riley (7 p.m., free)

Art Theater – Duke of Uke ($TBA)

Cowboy Monkey – World’s First Flying Machine, One For the Team, The Fantastic Plastics, Mike Coulter (9:30 p.m., $5)

Iron Post – U of I Bridgewater and Guitar Jazz Combos (7 p.m., $2)

Mike ‘n Molly’s – Via Audio, TBA (10 p.m., $5)


Bentley’s – The Witala Brothers (10 p.m., $3)

Canopy Club – Local H, Kinch (7 p.m. $10)

Canopy Club – Family Groove Company, Kinetix (10 p.m., $7)

Cowboy Monkey – 90’s Daughter

Iron Post – Weasel Dreams (5 p.m., free)

Mike n’ Molly’s – Giant Cloud, My Dear Alan Andrews (10 p.m.)

Rose Bowl – Delta Kings (9 p.m., $TBA)


Bentley’s – Mike Ingram and Dawna Nelson (9 p.m., $2)

Canopy Club – The Used, Chiodos, New Medicine (8 p.m. $25 Adv)

Cowboy Monkey – Matt Poss and Rolling Thunder (10 p.m., $5)

Krannert Center – James Farm

Iron Post – Freak Brothers (6 p.m., $3)

Iron Post – Big Grove Zydeco (9:30 p.m., $3))

Mike n’ Molly’s – Hot Cops, Native, Derrick Hart, Trip Light Fantastic (10 p.m., $5)

Parkland College – Earth Day Battle of the Bands with So Many Dynamos, Vanattica, Seventeen Sisters, The Lost Years, Year of the Bobcat, Seldan, Shark Bandit, Sun Stereo, Benny Wil (3 p.m., free)


Canopy Club – Lebowski Achievers Festival with Neoga Blacksmith (8 p.m., free)

Iron Post – Laura Driscoll DMA Recital (3 p.m., free)

Iron Post – Mean Lids (7:30 p.m., $3)



Canopy Club – Third Eye Blind, The Upwelling (7 p.m. $25 Adv)



Iron Post – Parkland Jazz Improv Class (5:30 p.m., $2)


Canopy Club – Hairbangers Ball (8 p.m. $5)

Cowboy Monkey – The Life and Times, Sweet Cobra, TBA (10 p.m., $7 Adv)

Highdive – Paul Thorn, Fred Eaglesmith (7 p.m., $18 advance)

Iron Post – U of I Classic Brass (7 p.m., $5)

Krannert Center – Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s (10 p.m., Free)


Canopy Club – Teach for America Benefit Concert with Jet W. Lee, Fiveohfirst, JigGsaw, and Ben and Zach (6 p.m., $TBA)

Cowboy Monkey – Mhondoro, Rumba Na Biso (10 p.m., $5)

Kalyx Center (Monticello) – Daytrotter Barnstormer Tour with Ra Ra Riot, Delta Spirit, Free Energy, Nathaniel Rateliff, Pearly Gate Music (7 p.m., free)

Highdive – Rock Out Against Rape Benefit with Mike Ingram & Kayla Brown, My Werewolf Diary, Corn Desert Ramblers, TBA (6 p.m., $5)

Iron Post – Boneyard Jazz Quintet (5 p.m., free)

Iron Post – Kilborn Alley 10th Anniversary Show (9 p.m., $10)

Mike ‘n Molly’s – The Canoes, Death Tram (10 p.m., $5)


Cowboy Monkey – Hot Cops, Molehill, Brighton MA (10 p.m., $5)

The Highdive – Dubstep Massacre with Positive Vibr8tions, Babylon System, DJ Belly, Zmick (9 p.m., $5 Adv)

IMC – Zach May and the Maps, MOON Ensemble


Cowboy Monkey – Roberta Sparrow, TBA (10 p.m., $5)


Krannert Center – Ozomatli (7 p.m, $8-28)


Canopy Club – Santah


Canopy Club – Eclipse (Pink Floyd Tribute) (10 p.m., $10 Adv)

Mike ‘n Molly’s – Mertz ($TBA)

The Phoenix – Corcid, Thrash Zombie, Commodity, Heavy Lies the Crown, Short Handed Goal, The Soviet, Atheory, We Must Dismantle All This, The Diamond Stretch (6 p.m., $7, special AA show)


Bentley’s – The Impalas (9 p.m., $5)

Canopy Club – Laughing Prairie Dog Festival with Yourself & the Air, Jookabox, New Ruins, Joe Pug

Mike ‘n Molly’s – You & Yourn, Raina Rosa (9 p.m., $5)


Canopy Club – Justin Moore (7 p.m., $17 Adv)


Canopy Club – Flosstradamus, Mickey Karbal, CZO, Lucknow, Famicom (10 p.m., $12 Adv)

Mike ‘n Molly’s – Tractor Kings, Darling, Pigeon ($TBA)


Bentley’s – Billy Galt (8:30 p.m., free)


Highdive – Sick, XXX Smut, ANTiSEEN! (7 p.m., $10)


Aroma Cafe – Jane Boxall (7 p.m., free)


Canopy Club – Mastodon, Between the Buried and Me, Baroness, Valiant Thorr (6:30 p.m., $23 Adv.)

IMC – Red Molly (7:30 p.m., $TBA)


Canopy Club – Fistful of Steel (Rage Against the Machine Tribute) (9 p.m., $5)


Bentley’s – Rocket Science (9 p.m., $2)

Canopy Club – Blessed With Pain, Seven Year Existence, Buried in Black, C.P.X. (9 p.m., $5)

Mike ‘n Molly’s – Krukid, DJ LEGTWO, Bozak (9 p.m., $5)


Cowboy Monkey – The Hillbilly Jones (10 p.m., $5)

Memphis on Main – Rookwood, TBA ($TBA)

Mike n’ Molly’s – Common Loon, TBA (10 p.m., $5)


Cowboy Monkey – New Ruins, Gospel Gossip, Peninsula, Husband&wife Red Pens ($TBA)


Rose Bowl – Delta Kings (9 p.m., $TBA)


Cowboy Monkey – “Hit It Run” with DJ Kosmo

Hessel Park – Battle of the Bands 2nd/3rd Place Winners (6 p.m., free)

Mike ‘n Molly’s – Jet W. Lee, Elsinore, Sun Stereo, En Fuego ($TBA)


Toalson Park – The Impalas (6:30 p.m., free)


Canopy Club – Point of Fire, Madison’s Avenue (9 p.m., $TBA)

Mike ‘n Molly’s – Roberta Sparrow, TBA ($TBA)

West Side Park – Ben Bedford (noon, free)


Champaign Public Library – Mark Dvorak (2 p.m., free)

Cowboy Monkey – Brat Pack

IMC – Kyle Bruckman & Rich O’Donnell (8 p.m., $TBA)


West Side Park – Taste of Champaign with Delta Kings, Chicago Mambo All-Stars (5 p.m., free)


Mike ‘n Molly’s – Poison Control Center, TBA (10 p.m., $5)

West Side Park – Taste of Champaign with Elsinore, Hurricane Gumbo, Kevin Lucas Orchestra, more (11 a.m., free)


West Side Park – Taste of Champaign with Bottle of Justus, Hathaways, The No Secret Band, more (11 a.m., free)


Morrissey Park – Run for Cover (6:30 p.m., free)


Garden Hills Park – Déjà vu (6:30 p.m., free)


Aroma Cafe – Ashley Renay (7 p.m., free)

Rose Bowl – Delta Kings ($TBA)


Downtown Urbana – Urbana Blues, Brews and BBQ Festival with Bernard Allison, Devon Allman’s Honeytribe, Shirley King, John Lee Hooker Jr., more

Mike ‘n Molly’s – Duke of Uke, Beat Kitchen, Tree Thump ($TBA)


Hessel Park – Decatur Park Singers (6:30 p.m., free)


Elsner Park – Point of Fire (6:30 p.m., free)


West Side Park – Aaron Koppel Duo (noon, free)


Downtown Champaign – 150th Birthday Party with Hum, Delta Kings, Duke of Uke, Tons O’ Fun Band, Candy Foster and Shades of Blue


Douglass Park – Candy Foster (6:30 p.m., free)


Powell Park – Singing in the Abbey (6:30 p.m., free)


Aroma Cafe – Chris Darby (7 p.m., free)


Iron Post – Vanattica, Shark Bandit, Sages ($TBA)


Hessel Park – Jim Markum Swing Band (6:30 p.m., free)


Canopy Club – Central Illinois Metalfest 2010


Canopy Club – Central Illinois Metalfest 2010


Hessel Park – The Shantles (6:30 p.m., free)


Garden Hills Park – Mary Clark (6:30 p.m., free)


Hessel Park – Boneyard Jazz Quintet (6:30 p.m., free)


Clark Park – Exorna (6:30 p.m., free)


West Side Park – Road Song (noon, free)


Hessel Park – Lonnie Lester (6:30 p.m., free)


Cowboy Monkey – Cowboy Monkey’s 2nd Annual Band Hootenanny

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