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The madness of Chalice Dubs Masquerade

When I first heard Chalice Dubbs Masquerade, I didn’t now what to expect — but what I was in for was quite a treat.

When I initially entered the Canopy Club, what I saw was pretty crazy to begin. I saw a dancing graphic light show up on stage behind the DJ and then was welcomed with some blaring dub techno mixed with some cool ass hip-hop, and even R&B. Whatever it was that I walked into, I could definitely dig it.

The DJ on stage was going wild with the sounds of booming bass through the speakers and pop songs mixes such as Iggy Azalea’s number one hit, “Fancy” — and needless to say, the crowd was super into it. People were shaking their hips, moving around, people had glow sticks and light up hula hoops, it was a crazy and cool scene. And that was just the first act.

Then two rappers got on stage, Jay Moses and another emcee — which was kind of random. They were there to get the crowd a bit more pumped for the actual performers during the show. However, the performance was a little flat, unfortunately. It just seemed like they weren’t really prepared, (I believe Jay Moses had on basketball shorts) but thankfully they had a great DJ with great mixes and production to help them out. But, in their defense, the music was quite overpowering and the mic’s seemed a bit low to begin with. And at the end of the day, it was really all about the DJ and what they were bringing to the table anyway.

When they took a break from the stage, another DJ switched out with the first one. It gave everyone a feeling that made you want to party and turn up with him. It was great. He was mixing in old hip-hop with the throbbing techno dubby beats — which worked out quite well. The crowd was just eating it all up. At this time, the audience had grown dramatically and there was a lot more wild things happening. I saw people in cat suits and tutus, needless to say, it definitely fit the scene. The DJ mashed up Jason DeRulos greatest hit (by far) “Wiggle Wiggle.” And to add icing to the cake, the background graphics on the screen danced around to the beat which provided a more interactive part of the show. It was a fun experience with everything that was going on.

But the party didn’t stop there — not one bit. People were dancing on tables, throwing back drinks. It was really just a big party with some bangin’ music. On a Saturday night, honestly, what more could you ask for? You got the right amount of music to cater to all these people just thriving off of the energy the DJ’s were throwing into the crowd along with this background display, visually going along with the music.

The show as a whole was quite exciting. It was truly electrifying with the amount of bass and the amount of just “umph” that went along with it, it also had some of that classic techno-y “untz, untz, untz” sound. The mixes were just right, sometimes they took it back old school and other times they brought it right back to 2014’s newer, bolder music.

But best of all was to see the passion of those guys up there mixing it up and giving it to the crowd. Pure energy. I loved every minute of it — even though I did leave the club with a killer headache but still totally worth it.

I definitely think that Chalice Dubs Masquerade rocked that joint out and I’d definitely go to another concert and bring a couple of friends to get crazy with. Next time I’ll be sure to grab my glow sticks and I’ll be good to go.

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