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Streetfest season approaches

WHAT: Boneyard Arts Festival

WHEN: Thursday, April 15 – Sunday, April 18

WHERE: Various venues around Champaign-Urbana

LINEUP: Duke of Uke, Elsinore, Mickey Karbal (more TBA)

While the main announcement for Boneyard (which generally includes at least one major show) is nowhere to be found, a few details are trickling in. Elsinore and Duke of Uke will play dueling shows at the Champaign and Urbana libraries, and Chicago-based electro artist (and proud hipster) Mickey Karbal will play an Urban Outfitters of all places. Bonus points: the choir from my alma mater, Leal Elementary School, is opening for the Duke of Uke.


WHAT: Taste of Champaign

WHEN: Friday, June 11 – Sunday, June 13

WHERE: Westside Park

LINEUP: Bottle of Justus, Elsinore, Hathaways, Delta Kings, Tricia Scully and Carl Hauck, more (full lineup)

This is actually a pretty good lineup, provided you’re able to tear yourself away from the McDonalds booth for a few moments. What do you mean, you’re not going to check out a progressive rock act fronted by a marimba virtuoso?


WHAT: Urbana Blues, Brews, and BBQ Festival

WHEN: Friday, June 25 and Saturday, June 26

WHERE: Downtown Urbana

LINEUP: Bernard Allison, Devon Allman’s Honeytribe, Shirley King, John Lee Hooker Jr., more (full lineup)

While booking a lineup full of famous people’s not-as-famous kids might seem like a headscratcher, don’t let it fool you. Having personally seen Devon Allman and Shirley King, they’re definitely nothing to laugh at.


WHAT: Central Illinois Metalfest

WHEN: Friday, July 22 – Sunday, July 24

WHERE: Canopy Club

LINEUP: Malevolent Creation, Origin, Phobia, Incantation, more (full lineup on myspace page)

While these names probably mean nothing to a lot of people reading this, to those in the know this is the metal equivalent of Primavera Sound or All Tomorrow’s Parties. Expect ripped jeans, long hair, and a lot of pornogrind (no, seriously). Sadly, Anal Cunt will not be making a repeat appearance.


WHAT: Sweetcorn Festival

WHEN: Friday, August 27 and Saturday, August 28

WHERE: Downtown Urbana


Expect at least one classic rock act (probably missing at least three original members) plus a solid local undercard. And even if no one was playing, you’d still go for the corn and foam pit.


WHAT: Pygmalion Music Festival

WHEN: Wednesday, September 22 – Saturday, September 25

WHERE: Various venues around Champaign-Urbana


No info on this one yet, but count on indie rock, raybans and at least one act scaring the Baby Boomers out of Krannert. Tickets go on sale May 3rd, so look for the initial lineup sometime around then as well.


WHAT: C-U Folk & Roots Festival

WHEN: Friday, September 24 and Saturday, September 25

WHERE: Downtown Urbana


Again, no info yet, but expect a few major touring acts with local acts more focused around the downtown Urbana scene. The festival organizers deserve some major kudos for actually being able to pull this off in Downtown Urbana.

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