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Strawberry Jammin’ out at Meadowbrook

This past Saturday, people turned out in droves for the annual Strawberry Jam Festival held at Meadowbrook Park in Urbana. While the show got off to its official start at 4 p.m., plenty of music lovers arrived early to pick out the best spot to relax, listen to some great bluegrass music, and enjoy free ice cream topped with fresh strawberries (park district employees even made an emergency run for more ice cream when the first batch ran out). It was quite warm early on thanks to the wonderful sunshine, however a light breeze kicked up partway through the early evening that helped cool off those in the huge crowd and turn experience perfect. Look below for a glimpse of what people enjoyed, and mark your calendars now for next year’s event.

Below, all family members are welcome to the fun — especially the plushy ones.

Below, The Young & the Fretless

Below, don’t forget your free ice cream and fresh strawberries:

Below, Wildwood String Band

Below, there were plenty of activities to be had throughout the night.

Below, High Cotton.

Below, these faces say it all!

Thank you again to the Urbana Park District for a great night.

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