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Sevendust at Canopy: it’s your choice

With the music that Sevendust puts out, I really hope they don’t care what I write about them. The Atlanta-based band has been putting out aggressive, angry, pummeling and, well, metallic records for 12 years now, and I hope they have the attitude to match it.

It would be really easy to make one hilarious joke after another about the band playing at The Canopy Club on Thursday (they will also be playing with Super Killer Fire and Verdict). Let’s see, what can we say, they are a metal band that never had a prime, that there are 10,000 other metal bands with more originality than them, that they come off as a bunch of wieners when they try to have hits…it’s easy.

But that’s not the point of me previewing the show. There are bands like Sevendust who regularly come through Champaign-Urbana, and every time they draw crowds that are respectable (and sometimes quite large). Think artists such as Lucky Boys Confusion, Smoking Popes, etc.) They have devoted fans, ones that stick through them even as their commercial appeal has waned. That earns some major brownie points, and makes me at least raise my eyebrows and take notice of the show. While I don’t, and probably never will, respect their musical output, I do respect their ethic.

What’s the reason for the fan devotion? It’s that ethic I was just referring to. Even though Sevendust has never been one of my favorites, they have always stuck to their guns. They haven’t really changed their sound much since their inception.

Now, is this a reason for a non-Sevendust fan to go and check out the show? I don’t know, and even as I write this I haven’t made up my mind. If you think it would be a good show but are not a huge listener, it may be worth it. If you think it will be hilarious, then maybe that’s a reason to go (or not). If you think it will be bad, then just don’t go. I don’t think this preview will change your mind.

Like it or not though, Sevendust is sticking to their guns, and they have the following that wants them to do that. I still don’t like a lot of their music, but I at least have a respect for them. Still they probably don’t care what I think.

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