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Seven things happening our music scene right now: November 2018

Life never stops, and neither does music — especially in an area like Champaign-Urbana, with so many different bits of art and variety coming together in a concentrated area.

So here I go with my debut look at what’s going on in the C-U scene for Smile Politely, bear with me.

If you have anything you think we should know about, please email us at, and we’ll take a look, or a listen, whichever it might be.

CHASE BABY drops off Circular Breathing EP

Champaign MC CHASE BABY shared what he’s been working on lately last week with the release of “Circular Breathing EP”, a six-track compilation of work that is chock full of clever and unrelenting lyricism, which is broadcast with confidence over UIUC producer Yourbeautifulruin’s work. You can stream it on Soundcloud below.

GROOVE DAZE giving artists a unique spotlight

What’s better than students putting young artists on and giving them a chance to shine? Upstart student group GROOVE DAZE has taken matters into its own hands, putting out three episodes so far this year, each of which highlight a band or artist. Recently, Groove Daze tapped boyband CONA, a sweet-talking indie band set to release an EP this winter. The episode gives viewers a chance to hear the group’s sounds, but also meet them, as the episode alternates between a recorded live performance and interviews. Expect lots more from Groove Daze in the near future, and expect something from myself on them in more detail down the road.

US ON THE BUS 2000s party with pop-up performances

UIUC event group US ON THE BUS is teaming up with the Spaced Out Guala Boyz, a Waukegan-based hip-hop collective, for a 2000s-themed event that features pop-up performances from SOGB and Nancy on Saturday night in Urbana at 106 N. Busey Avenue. Us on the Bus has thrown several events in Chambana this fall, from house parties to larger shows at Canopy Club. Drawing on the Guala Boyz’ early 2000s influences and a yearly series of successful summer events in Waukegan, the two groups decided to bring the festivities to the classic Urbana house scene. This one’s for the 90s kids and babies, so you better come correct. Fit checks at the door.


On Saturday night in Urbana, alternative group POSTER CHILDREN will hit the stage at Blackbird. The experienced group, which released its 12th album, Grand Bargain!, in May, hails from Champaign, where they originally formed up in the late ‘80s. Not just that, but Adam Fein & company perform as Social Imaginary, and this will be Fein’s last show with the band before moving away from C-U.

FEUDIN HILLBILLIES 13th Anniversary at Fat City on Saturday

Champaign outfit FEUDIN’ HILLBILLIES is celebrating its thirteenth anniversary this weekend on Saturday at Fat City. The band, which has played at venues in Chicago to Carbondale this year, will be supported by Broseph and The NATU Band, with the show starting at 8 p.m. Admittedly, country music is absolutely not my thing, but I can respect consistency and the grind. Those are both things this group has made their business.

CJ RUN and a house show? Sign us up

Always one to do it for the culture, rapper CJ RUN is back in Chambana this weekend to headline Ariose & Cozy, a show at Portlandia House (806 W. Oregon St.). The show, on Saturday night, will benefit the non-profit IDEA Store, which combines an appreciation for the creative arts and environmental sustainability and is operated by the Champaign Urbana Schools Foundation. CJ’s got some unreleased joints on the setlist, and NP0, Today’s Children, and YungDuro each have sests as well.

Check out AIRACOBRA, they perform tonight in Champaign

AIRACOBRA — a Danville-based metal outfit, or “Luciferian Rock n Roll” if that’s what you prefer— is hitting C-U tonight, one show after shutting down Danville venue Vintage Villains on Friday, for a show at Cowboy Monkey. Airacobra will be playing music from their new EP, Satan Belives. The EP is full of dark overtones and imagery, sounds that can stir up angst and their set is likely going to be full of energy. Set to begin around 9:30 with support from Däemonweed and Edna, you can grab tickets for $7 at the door.

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