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Seven things happening in our music scene right now: October 2018

As summer turns to fall, officially, we are nearing the end of the year in our music scene. There are still plenty of updates, and I’ve tried my very best to not repeat artists, festivals, or other talking points throughout the year. There’s enough to check out where I don’t have to go back to what I’ve talked about previously — do yourself a favor and catch up by checking out the Seven Things category.

All that said, here’s your update for October. If you have anything you think we should know about, please email us at, and we’ll take a look, or a listen, whichever it might be.

Top photo by Anna Longworth

HOGCHUTE HARVEST is this weekend

One of the best series in town, HOGCHUTE, has its annual fall mini-festival this weekend in nearby Monticello. Hogchute Harvest features headliners Adam Remnant and HUM’s Matt Talbott (who is playing solo shows for the first time in his career). Other acts include the Bashful Youngens, Chickadee Sermon, Clayton Deering, Cole Bridges, Colonel James Presents, Dearie, Our Landmark, and Rebekah Songer. This is the place to be on Saturday — and you can camp for free if you want — and it only costs $10 to see some excellent bands.

TRUTH AKA TROUBLE’s releases new album Cornfield Waves

Local rapper TRUTH AKA TROUBLE has been a part of the scene for quite some time now. You might recognize him from his solo material, but he has also performed as a part of Trouble Chasin’, which is him and Chase Baby‘s project. He has released his new record, Cornfield Waves, which you can listen to on the platform of your choosing by going here to check it out. 


The trusty ole C-U FOLK AND ROOTS FESTIVAL takes place next weekend, October 18-20, all over Urbana. This is the festival’s 10 year anniversary, and this year, they moved it up a few weekends into mid-October when traditionally the event would take place in the first weekend of November.  This year’s festival is headlined by the man who headlined year one — Robbie Fulks — and he performs next Saturday, October 20th at the Rose Bowl. Check out all of the information about the schedule, lineup, and all that good stuff over at their website (linked above).

Top photo by Andy Goodwin

TERMINUS VICTOR still rips, playing first show at Iron Post in over a decade

Longtime scene veterans TERMINUS VICTOR have been performing pretty consistently over the last few years, even though they haven’t released any new material since 2013’s Prevention vs. Intervention. That said, that’s not a huge deal for these guys, as their body of work still holds up, and they remain one of the staples of the scene even though it has undergone many changes over the last handful of years. They’re performing for the first time in “13 years?” — yes with a question mark — at the Iron Post on Friday night. Do yourself a favor and listen up on their records, and get to the show tomorrow night.

Check out CHASE BABY’s Good Days//Bad Days mixtape 
I can’t believe I missed this, but local rapper CHASE BABY put out a new mixtape earlier this year, Good Days//Bad Days, which is some material that follows up his 2017 full length Growing Up Is Hard. While you’re at it, check out Trouble Chasin’s from a few months back for their track “No Favors”. Chase Baby’s next show is on October 21st, which you can read about here.

MATT YEATES is touring with Death Cab For Cutie

It isn’t often that you see someone from the scene traveling around with one of the biggest band of our generation, Death Cab For Cutie, but that’s exactly what MATT YEATES is doing. Yeates has been a member of the scene for quite some time now, performing in Rebecca Rego & The Trainmen, Tigerbeat, Windmills, and more, and as I posted yesterday, he’s working production on Death Cab’s tour, and spent some time with the legendary Bonnie Riatt before that. That’s worth some scene cred, no question.

Photo by Yeates

Did you know LONELY TRAILER released an album this year?

This one snuck up on me, and even though this album came out back in March, I thought I’d make a note of it here since LONELY TRAILER is performing on Friday with Terminus Victor and Not For the Faint of Heart at the Iron Post (see above). Battle of Duh is the first release by LT since Secret Information Booth, which was released in 2012. As always, the rock group’s album extends into upwards of 20 tracks, and it was recorded in various places — Earth Analog in Tolono, Waterworks Studio in Mahomet, and The Void in Urbana.

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