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Seven things happening in our music scene right now: August 2018

As always, there are plenty of things to update you on in the local scene. However, this month’s column goes a bit beyond local bands and their releases, or whathaveyou — I’ve highlighted a few things happening in the fall, as well as some older acts getting back at things in the coming weeks.

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CARLY BETH is one of C-U’s newest outfits

Though I’m leading this column off with a new band, I don’t really even know that much about CARLY BETH. What I do know is that the outfit is brand new, and they’re performing tonight at Blips and Chitz. The outfit features members of Nectar, Spandrels, and Kowabunga! Kid. As a promotional feature on their show tonight, they’ve included this video for your enjoyment. The band formed from the remnants of La Louve, which played its last show a while back, but were a part of things for a good stint here in C-U.

SHANE CANFIELD releases first of his 15 Minute Mix series

An hour of listening isn’t too much to ask typically when it comes to listening to a mixtape or a record, but there’s always something nice about being concise and to the point with a release. That’s what DJ SHANE CANFIELD has done here — releasing the first of his series of mixes called 15 Minute Mix about a week or so ago, which brings something a bit shorter and bite-sized to the table. Though this first one is heavy on hip hop, there are other variations on the way. You might have seen Canfield’s name around town DJing at various spots, but just in case you’ve missed it, I wanted to include it here. I look forward to checking out what’s next for this ongoing series — but for now, flip this one on (stream it below) and stay tuned for more in the near future.

You should listen to BELLE

If you haven’t heard of BELLE, Annabelle Alexander’s project, you should absolutely tune in. Belle has performed quite a bit over the last handful of months — I’ve seen the name on a ton of bills, mostly house shows and a few at the IMC. Alexander was in the project Krelboyne, which, honestly, I’m not sure is active anymore. There are some excellent shoegaze/post rock tones here from the record Eppur Si Muove (And Yet It Moves)which you can stream below — highly recommend, this is one of the best things I’ve heard all year locally.

Photo by Veronica Mullen

THE CANOPY CLUB turns 20 this year, check out their fall schedule

It is hard to believe, but THE CANOPY CLUB is turning 20 years old in 2018. It opened back in 1998, there’s no question that it has shaped the live music scene in C-U for the better. Though it is mostly devoted to EDM and hip hop these days — there’s tons of good stuff they are presenting this year. Check out the upcoming calendar as it fills up now that students are returning in a few weeks.

Photo by Robert K Recordings

AUSAR is an excellent new addition to the scene

Chicago’s AUSAR has been popping up here and there — he’s on PYGMALION in September, and this weekend’s Taste of Champaign-Urbana in West Side Park. The rapper is now located here in C-U, which is good news for these scene overall, not just local hip hop. Be sure to check out his Soundcloud for a bunch of various tunes, but be on the lookout for other upcoming shows for this guy.

THE FINCHLEY BOYS are performing soon, celebrating 50 years 
There’s a lot of history to THE FINCHLEY BOYS, much of which you can read over at their Facebook page, but they’re performing at Cowboy Monkey on August 23rd to celebrate 50 years since their formation. That’s quite the milestone. They’re performing two sets, plus debuting their first new material in decades at the Cowboy Monkey show. That, plus they’ll perform at Mahomet Music Festival the next night. So, while this totally isn’t current music-scene-happenings, this is pretty awesome.

SUPERPAR’s new album Sol is out now

Though this has been on my radar for a few weeks now, this is the opportunity to talk about SUPERPAR. They just released their new album Sol on August 4th, and you can stream it below. Superpar is an acid-rock band trio featuring Stephen Meers on guitar and vocals, Adam White on drums, andRicky Mannion on bass.

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