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Pygmalion schedule announced

You know that Pygmalion Music Festival is coming up September 16 – 19. You’ve heard what bands are coming, and you, music lover, are pumped. Making a list of which bands to see, checking it twice, all that. But until now you haven’t known which bands that you love are playing at the exact same time across town! What to do? Why, bitch about it in the comments, of course. That’s right, the schedule has been released. So, without further ado:


Canopy Club

8:30 PM — Common Loon
9:30 PM — Mt. St. Helen’s Vietnam Band

10:00 PM — Owen
11:00 PM — Japandroids
12:00 AM — Headlights

1:00 AM — Physical Challenge DJs

Things get off to a rousing start with a little two-ring circus action at the Canopy on Wednesday night. It’s a Polyvinyl Records showcase, as well as a record release show with Headlights debuting their new album, Wildlife, due out nationally October 6. So, you’ll be the first kids in the nation to get their hands on it. It’s also the first time that Owen will have performed with a band. Starting off in the Void Room, and then moving to the big room, and then back to the Void for some DJ’in’ dance party action. And it’s the last time all week that you won’t have to make a choice on which venue to hit, so there’s that.



11:45 AM — Liesel Booth
12:30 PM — Pamela Machala


12:45 PM —Tracey and Tricia
1:30 PM —Stanton McConnell
2:15 PM —Cara Maurizi

Man, I didn’t know that Stan was Stanton. Hmm… nope, still no reaction. I sure do want a flatbread something or other, though. Hopefully Sandella’s sends out another batch of coupons before then. But then again, they are sponsors of the festival, so there very well may have something in those nifty tote bags they always give out. Yay for cheap food!

Red Herring

6:00 PM — Morgan Orion and The Constellations
7:00 PM — My Dear Alan Andrews
8:00 PM — Post Historic
9:00 PM — Early Day Miners
10:00 PM — World’s First Flying Machine

It’s Post Historic’s swan song. Early Day Miners are from Bloomington, Ind., the only out-of-town representatives on this bill. And this is officially where things get complicated.

Krannert Art Museum

6:40 PM — Liz Janes
7:20 PM — Brooke Wagonner
8:00 PM — Denison Witmer
8:45 PM — My Brightest Diamond
9:45 PM — William Fitzsimmons
10:45 PM — Bob Nanna

After last year’s mind-blowing two day extravaganza featuring Murder By Death, Thao with The Get Down Stay Down, Evangelicals and more, Krannert Art Museum has decided to pare it down a bit this year. Hosting only one night this year, the intimate Link Gallery will showcase a softer side of Pygmalion with acoustic performances from the likes of Bob Nanna from Braid/Hey Mercedes, Decemberists’ vocalist and a burgeoning indie rock star in her own right, Shara Worden as My Brightest Diamond. Asthmatic Kitty labelmate Liz Janes makes a rare appearance next to longtime friend and collaborator, Denison Witmer. And so, you have to choose these artists over…

Courtyard Cafe

7:30 PM — Butterfly Assassins
8:30 PM — TBD
9:30 PM — Starfucker

Canopy Club

6:20 PM — Ohtis
7:00 PM — Santa
7:40 PM — Mason Proper
8:20 PM — Company of Thieves
9:00 PM — Elsinore
9:40 PM — Joe Pug
10:30 PM — Decibully
11:10 PM — Margot and The Nuclear So and So’s
12:10 AM — Maserati
1:00 AM — Lucero

Ohtis continues the bowing-out-with-a-Pygmalion-show theme, as the first act on a stellar Canopy lineup. Looks like one might be able to rush from My Brightest Diamond to catch Joe Pug’s set, but then you’d miss Bob Nanna and William Fitzsimmons, who is high on the running for best beard at the festival (watch out there, Sam Beam). Judging by the quick set time changes, this show will run from Void to Theater as well, which means that Maserati will be performing to just 175 or so lucky folks who line up early during Margot’s set to see Jerry Fuchs absolutely KILL IT on the skins. Gotta hit the caffeine to stay up to see Lucero on a Thursday. We foresee an unproductive workday for us on Friday.

The Highdive

9:00 PM — DJ Substr8
10:00 PM — DJ Belly
11:00 PM — DJ Mertz
12:00 AM — Skream

Local DJ’s at the Highdive pare up with arguably the most relevant Dubstep DJ in the world, Skream. It’s the only North American festival appearance for the British spinster, so I’d be interested to see if these draw a completely different crowd than the indie-rock events, or if there’s some crossover.



11:30 AM — Girls Next Door
12:00 PM — Ryan Groff
12:45 PM — William Fitzsimmons

7:00 PM — The Jips
8:00 PM — Empires
9:00 PM — jigGsaw
10:00 PM — So Many Dynamos
11:00 PM — So Long Forgotten

OK, so if you missed Elsinore or William Fitzsimmons the night before, taking a long lunch might solve that problem. We’re assuming Blues is still serving food during the show, so that might work. Looks like the evening bill is just So-So. Definitely will appeal to an all-ages crowd, and that’s good since Blues is, in fact, an all ages venue. But how the hell are they going to have full bands in that small space? I guess we’ll find out.


12:45 PM — Final Pygmalion Effect
1:30 PM — Matt Wagemann
2:15 PM — Kilroy et al


6:30 PM — You and Yourn
7:15 PM — Hathaways
8:00 PM — Good Night and Good Morning
9:00 PM — Low

A fantastic low-key bill for the amazingly under-utilized chapel at the Channing-Murray Foundation. Low! Are exclamation points allowed for downbeat music? We think so! It’s worth noting that admission to Pygmalion shows are all subject to capacity, and as such, those of you wanting to see Low better show up, and show up early. We can’t imagine more than 300 regular-sized Americans in that room, so get there and make sure to stake a claim to your space.

Red Herring

10:30 PM — Stand-Up Comedy featuring Jon Hansen, Pat Deane, Devin Bockrath, Collin Bullock, Trey Mowder, Billi Casey, The Tuttle Brothers.

Canopy Club

6:20 PM — Zach May and The Maps
7:00 PM — Ganglians
7:40 PM — Phantogram
8:20 PM — BLK JKS
9:00 PM — Jookabox
9:40 PM — Maps & Atlases
10:30 PM — Pomegranates
11:10 PM — The Antlers
12:10 AM — Autolux
1:00 AM — Wavves

Over/under on Threadless shirts in the crowd: 150. This session is arguably the hottest of the whole festival. At least in terms of what Pitchfork has to say about it.

Courtyard Cafe

7:30 PM — Pet Lions
8:30 PM — Oceans
9:30 PM — Solid Gold

Cowboy Monkey

10:00 PM — Angie Heaton
11:00 PM — Mazes
12:00 AM — Cameron McGill
1:00 AM — The 1900s

Most of Mazes are in the 1900s, so this will be a test of endurance for them. Gotta load up on carbs early, I’ve been told. Has Cameron McGill elected to not bring What Army, or is it just assumed at this point? Inquiring minds want to know.

Mike N’ Molly’s

5:15 PM —The Delta Kings
6:15 PM — The Duke of Uke
7:15 PM — The Number One Sons
8:15 PM — Tina Sparkle
9:15 PM — Gentleman Auction House
10:15 PM — Light Pollution
11:15 PM — Neoga Blacksmith

A festival on its own, Mike N’ Molly’s is hosting a marathon that starts at 5:15 p.m.? Sounds like a good time to start drinking on a Friday evening. Let Happy Hour bleed into the late night.


9:30 PM — Village
10:30 PM — The Horns of Happiness
11:30 PM — Alpha Mile
12:30 AM — Golden Quality


Parasol Records

12:00 PM — TBD
1:30 PM — TBD
2:30 PM — TBD
3:30 PM — TBD
4:30 PM — TBD

Those guys are fucking awesome. I prefer their earlier work, though.

Exile on Main St.

12:00 PM — TBD
1:00 PM — TBD
2:00 PM — TBD
3:00 PM — TBD
4:00 PM — TBD

Man, how can they be two places at once, though? I hope Exile doesn’t get the short end of the TBD lineup, gotta split it up equal.

Courtyard Cafe

5:00 PM — The Daredevil Christopher Wright
6:00 PM — Lymbyc Systym
7:00 PM — Brighton, MA

Krannert Center

7:30 PM — The Books
8:45 PM — Iron and Wine

10:00 PM — Princeton
11:00 PM — Ra Ra Riot

The seas part to make room for the headliners; better hit this one it seems, or watch some crappy TV till later in the evening. Iron and Wine is immensely popular, what with the hit songs on Twilight and Garden State soundtracks. This will be a sold out show, and as such, tickets should be purchased and purchased in advance. The Books have never “opened” for anyone, so this marks a rare occasion for one of the most interesting and intelligent musical acts performing in the nation right now.

Canopy Club

9:00 PM — Physical Challenge DJs
10:45 PM — YACHT
11:30 PM — The Hood Internet
12:30 AM — RJD2

Red Bull Music Academy is sponsoring this night, so expect a lot of bulls charging at each other while dancing your ass off, if that’s your thing. RJD2 spins on four decks at once. YACHT is hot on the heels of yet another Best New Music on Pitchfork, and The Hood Internet just blew the roof off of Lollapalooza. Wait. That was an outdoor festival. Anyhow, they really performed well there.

Red Herring

10:00 PM — On Again Off Again
11:00 PM — Now Now Every Children
12:00 AM — Drew Danburry
1:00 AM — Sunset Stallion

Cowboy Monkey

10:00 PM — Lonely Trailer
11:00 PM — The Horse’s Ha
12:00 AM — Gazelle
1:00 AM — New Ruins

Smile Politely writer Adam Fein hasn’t been on stage since September of 2003 when his former band, Absinthe Blind, said goodbye for good. Here he re-emerges with Jeff Dimpsey (of HUM) as his cohort. But who else will fill the out the lineup? Rumor has it there will be some familiar faces on the stage.

Mike N’ Molly’s

10:15 PM — Tyson and The Friction
11:15 PM — Steel Eater
12:15 AM — Scurvine
1:15 AM — The Life and Times

Wait. The Life and Times at 1:15 a.m.? This can only mean that it’s inside, and upstairs. Arguably the loudest band since My Bloody Valentine is going to perform to 100 people in the smallest space in town? Bring extra earplugs.


10:30 PM — Take Care
11:30 PM — Marmoset
12:30 AM — Mordechai in the Mirror

So, there you have it. Decisions to be made, plans to be had, and drinks to be imbibed. It’s another year of Pygmalion Music Festival — and you can stay tuned to Smile Politely for more information, previews of the artists, and yes — a chance to win tickets to the whole fucking thing. We’re the lead media sponsor on the festival, and yes, a founding editor for the magazine is also the producer of the festival, but hey, this wouldn’t be the first time that a magazine and a music festival shared the same folks running it, you know?

We’re down with the program.

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