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Pygmalion lineup additions

Here’s the second big announcement of bands playing the 2010 Pygmalion Music Festival this September 22 to 25. Please note that this does not complete the lineup as we’ve been assured there are still more big names to add to the list.

Built to Spill — Fans of freewheeling guitar solos and epic choruses are no doubt already familiar with Built to Spill, and if you aren’t, get to the nearest record store and pick up Perfect From Now On and Keep It Like a Secret immediately. Look forward to Doug Martsch’s ridiculously brilliant guitar and some epic, epic jams.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists — As far as we’re concerned, there’s no reason for any non-diehard fan to buy any Ted Leo albums post Hearts of Oak—they all just seem like harder edged revisions on that rippingly-melodic punk classic. But Leo has never really been about the albums anyway. He is an artist who is known for leaving it all on the stage live—and has the scars to prove it.

Surfer Blood — In case you missed Pitchfork’s ultra-rave review, Surfer Blood are kind of a big deal. They appear to be a gimmickless rock band, which is quite a refreshing change of pace. Check out the awesome tune “Swim” and get ready for a good time.

Holy Fuck — Not to be confused with that other Toronto band with fuck in their name, Holy Fuck extend post-punk instrumental music in a propulsive direction, organically combining electronics and live instrumentation—groove and rock. Expect to feel the urge to dance, then maybe the urge not to dance, then the urge to keep your head from exploding.

Viper and His Orchestra — Perennial favorites from the local ’90s scene, the Viper has recently spent some time floating around Turkey (and less exotic locales, like Milwaukee). Fortunately, he reconnected with the rest of the orchestra for reunion shows last year.

Drink Up Buttercup — This Philadelphia-based band takes a relatively safe approach to late Beatles pop, though they occasionally throw some wrenches into the mix. We’ve heard that their live performances take their songs in aggressive new directions.

Candy Claws — This band appears to be on the verge of a breakthrough and may be a lot more popular come September. Though creating lush soundscapes that recall Pet Sounds isn’t a very original idea, a few listens to “Sunbeam Show” from their upcoming album makes us think originality is completely overrated.

Unwed Sailor — A band that’s been around for over a decade, Unwed Sailor explores many different sides of instrumental music, including ambient, slow build dynamics and straight ahead melodic rock.

The Dirty Feathers — After two regrettably Shipwreck-less years, half that band (and three others) will bring a new sound to the C-U scene—closer to the Black Keys than Black Moon. Their searing garage-blues should thoroughly captivate any room they wind up playing.

Worlds First Flying Machine — Hopefully expansive noise-folk-pop band WFFM will bring all of their toys with them for this show. Unlike other local bands, they don’t play live all that often, so seeing them at the festival is a unique opportunity.

The Palace Flophouse — This is a band with a little bit of the Sea & Cake, a little bit of folky Lou Barlow and a whole lot of catchy back and forth vocals. Most songs on their most recent release, Try Not to Get Worried, are self-containted narratives on love, loneliness and travel.

Mean Lids — This trio merges Americana with traditional Irish and original compositions. String-based songs with a lot of interesting flute piled on top.

Okay kids, now you get to tell us what you think. We’ll start the bidding with a “not enough rap and/or electronic wizardry.”

(Photo credits: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists by Shawn Brackbill, Holy Fuck by Graham Walsh and Candy Claws by Matthew Sage.)

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