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Push Play is Learning about Learning Music

A great recent album I’ve discovered is titled The Greatest Hits So Far by Learning Music – a band whom I had never heard of.

What I learned is that Learning Music is a group of four to 20 musicians at any given time who began as a collaborative music-making project to create an album a month for a year (November 2006 to November 2007), which they recorded on a hand-held recorder thus being qualified to create a “greatest hits” album.

You can listen to their 12 albums in their entirety on the original band website, but I have picked out two songs off of The Greatest Hits that I particularly like. The first one is “Contagious”

Learning Music- Contagious

Listen to their other great track “CGGF” after the jump:

Learning Music- CGGF

On their new website the band doesn’t really describe themselves, but they do list their future plans including performing a show composed only of human voices, learning a dance sequence and video taping it so they can later convince other bands to let them choreograph their music video, and starting a blog.

The band refers to themselves as a live band, and sells their album, which is apparently wrapped in a “biodegradable, smokable wrapper” – whatever that means – for just five dollars.

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