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Rising musician, Benji Hughes is not your typical pop star – the hair, the music, the lyrics, etc. Sure he may sing songs about love gone awry and girls in tight t-shirts, but what makes him so appealing is the charm that comes out of his humor.

Check out “Why Do These Parties All End the Same Way.” I found it free online and soon enough was buying his other songs. If he is instantaneously charming, his music is instantaneously catchy too:

Benji Hughes– Why Do These Parties All End the Same Way

However, as pop-like as this song is, his two-disc set, A Love Extreme, has some variety. In the song, “Waiting for an Invitation,” Hughes slows the beats and catches that folksy feel that in other songs gives him a rather obvious Beck-vibe. Skip to 0:40 to get the jam started:

Another folksy-alternative band, The Uglysuit, is a band who “took it to Chicago” from Oklahoma City, or so they say, in their song, “Chicago.” The track comes off their self-titled debut album.

The Ugly Suit – Chicago

The band is made up of six friends who have been playing together since their teens (they are now between 20-23), and their long lasting friendship is shown through how they play with each other. Their music is not something far out there or groundbreaking, but it’s good and The Uglysuit is a refreshing, new alternative band.

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