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Parasol unleashes two new ones; dishes on the rest

This week we’re welcoming two new Parasol Records releases: Ex-Television guitarist Richard Lloyd’s collection of Hendrix covers, entitled The Jamie Neverts Story, and NYC popsmith George Usher’s new Parasol release, Yours & Not Yours. Both are release officially in September but you can snag early (and often) at Parasol.

Other hot new releases from this week and last include the new Fiery Furnaces (features Matt from Corndolly & Liquorette, who knew that bit of trivia, eh?), Wye Oak, a nifty DCD collection of odds-n-ends from Starflyer 59, Megafaun (Bon Iver’s old band), Magnolia Electric, Starlight Mints, Skygreen Leopards, Wheat, Lights (stoner-rock chicks, from Brooklyn probably), a new EP from Swedish popsters Radio Dept., Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoff’s new 70s covers collection, Eagle Twin (hyped rockers on Southern Lord), Bish (Pogues guy solo), Cheap Trick’s latest (which we hear is awesome), a solo album from Mott the Hoople man Ian Hunter, a BMX Bandits retrospective, Riceboy Sleeps (Jonsi from Sigur Ros & pal Alex).

Wax on: On the vinyl front we have Moon Duo (W.Shjips guy) 12″, Blues Control LP, Bill Bao LP, Spits LP, Galaxie 500 vinyl re-issues, Ariel Pink Loverboy DLP, REM re-issue LPs, Bikini Kill 45, LP, Deastro 45, Soft Circle/High Places split LP, Sun Araw LP, Tee Pee 45, Casper & The Cookies DLP, Blue Cheer (exact repro re-issue) LP, Buzzer 45, Bare Wires LP, Nodzzz 45, Belong LP, Mass Shivers 45, Sun Araw LP, Teepee 45 (there’s another on the way from Sweet Rot and one more on the Hozac Hookup Club), Chris Bell re-issue LP…

What’s rocking our world this week? The new Fruit Bats LP sure is. Ruminant Band is a must get if the Grateful Dead, Mazes, and Vetiver happen to sneak through your sonic alleyway on a regular basis. It comes out next week on Sub-Pop. But this week it’s hard to pin down… We’ve been wrapping our collective head around the recent Blues Control, and the soon to be released Lightning Dust LP that features the duo Amber Webber and Joshua Wells, both of Black Mountain. Also blowing through the jasmine in our minds is the new compilation, Under The Covers Vol 2, from Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs (aka Sid & Susie).

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