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Open mic night at Red Herring

I’d always imaged the Red Herring as a dark place with a cold floor — or maybe it was at one point. I used to go to a lot of punk shows in high school and some of those times are a screaming blur. Anyways, it is nothing like that anymore. There are colorful decorations on the walls, plenty of seating, and a kitchen that I understand serves vegan food. The kitchen was not open during open mic night, however, there were free snacks for the audience. 

Aside from the groovy decor, and warm feeling I got from the environment, the real treat was hearing Kyle Solner sing and play his guitar. Maybe I am romanticizing the whole event, but I really enjoyed his set and I want to see more of him. See him play in the video below. 

There were other artists and they were great as well. The event is definitely something you should put on your calendar for Thursday evenings. 

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