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Now Hear This! Models — “I Hear Motion” (1983)

This new column is dedicated to a collection of songs that I simply can’t get over, no matter how many times I have heard them. Some of them might be recognizable to those that listen to the fringe of popular music. Most, however, I would bet never made it to your iPod, Discman, Walkman or boombox.

Up this week — Models, with their song, “I Hear Motion.” This Australian band was on the scene for roughly a decade, from 1978 to 1988. They did some pretty heavy touring with other Aussie luminaries like INXS and Jimmy Barnes, but went on extended hiatus around the same time Ronny Reagan was handing over the reins to H.W. Bushleague.

Rumor has it that Models will reunite this year for a few shows. My guess is that Champaign isn’t on the routing.

I think, above all, the dynamics between the synthesizer, and EMS Synthi AKS, and the disjointed backbeat of the drums is what does it for me.

Or perhaps it’s just that it was featured in one of the greatest film classics of all-time: Young Einstein>.

Whatever the case, enjoy.

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