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Now Hear This! Frank Lenz — “All My Stoner Friends” (2003)

Back in 2003, local Parasol-umbrella label Grand Theft Autumn rallied their friends and foes over the years to create a compilation album intriguingly titled Soak Your Shoes in Red Wine, & Strike the Angels Dumb>. Founded by former Braid members Todd Bell (Hey Mercedes) and Roy Ewing (New Ruins), the album showcased many artists from around the world. From solo performers like Jimi Shields (yes, that’s Kevin’s brother) to midwest stalwarts Shiner (who can be found covering the aforementioned Kevin in their final recorded track of their career).

Frank Lenz hails from Los Angeles, and he’s contributed to myriad projects, including Starflyer 59, Pedro the Lion and Headphones. In this tune, Lenz laments the life he is leading by throwing out judgments on his wife and their marriage. He wants to hang with his friends. He wants to get high. He wants to be free.

He’s divorced now.

Listen to the song (written while he was still married) and you might not be surprised as to the reasons why.

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