Smile Politely

My own personal Datagun show

Datagun played for me and only me on Saturday night.

Okay, it wasn’t that simple. I was at the show and there were about four others in the audience. The band was opening for Zmick and Mhondoro Rhythm Success at The Canopy Club, but nobody seemed to know they were there, because there was nobody there (Canopy did not have them listed on any of their posters or on their Web site, so while it was tragic, it was almost like Datagun had it coming).

Sure, there was a crew member walking in and out or maybe one or two spectators, but I don’t think anyone besides myself and the person running the sound board stayed for the entire set

Note: this isn’t meant to be a “shame on you” kind of post, I’m just laying out what happened.

I enjoyed the (my) show though. On record the band loses some of the noisy aspects of their music, but live it reappears as prominent as the melody. The three-membered Iowa City-based group played a short set, but it really whetted my appetite for Wild, their upcoming full-length record.

And they seemed to be enjoying it too (which may have been difficult under the circumstances). They were in the zone, and I enjoyed it.

Yeah, it was pretty good for a show that was for me. All for me (but not really).


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