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Meet the new bass

It was a bittersweet Friday night at the Cowboy Monkey. Decadents took the stage just past 11 p.m., ringing out the old and ringing in the new. The band said goodbye as long-time friend and bass player Allen Beebe played his final set as a Decadent. Beebe has recently relocated to the Chicago area, and though he will be missed, his influence and impact on the band will certainly remain. After playing his final song, Beebe literally handed the bass to the newest Decadent, Fil Pilatowski (also of White Siberian Tigers), and the show resumed full-steam. 

A lively Cowboy Monkey crowd was on hand for the two-hour show that included songs from both the Decadents self-titled release and their follow-up disc Elegantly Wasted, a handful of covers (“Immigrant  Song” alone is worth the price of admission), and some new material. Energy, enthusiasm, and the love of what they do flowed from the stage the entire evening. There was dancing, singing, and even some “Sledgehammer”. 

Beebe is moving on, Pilatowski is moving in, and the Decadents are moving ahead.  The torch has been passed.

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