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Lupe Fiasco on Sunday Night

Stepping up to the stage with a new collection of songs, Lupe Fiasco rolls through town Sunday before his new album, The Cool, drops on Dec. 18. The Chicago MC (né Wasalu Muhammad Jaco), who made his first mark on Kanye West’s single “Touch the Sky,” is revered for his assortment of idiosyncratic rhymes (name-checking giant robots and zombies), innovative beats (including soul samples and Latin sounds), and word-play skills (putting Jay-Z to shame when he contributed guest vocals to “Pressure.”)

Fiasco’s 2005 debut album Food and Liquor, garnered three Grammy award nominations, and if his debut single from The Cool, “Superstar” is any indication, Lupe isn’t going anywhere but up, except for – of course – when he travels downstate to Foellinger Auditorium this Sunday.

The show is at Foellinger Auditorium at 7 p.m. Tickets are $23 for students and $25 for the public.

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