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Lovers in Arms Performs at Mike ‘N Molly’s Tomorrow Night

Originally under the name of Frequency Below, Armando Perez and Caroline Yohanan progressed towards an expressively creative outlet soon to be dubbed Lovers in Arms. Pulling in new members, Ryan Schoen (bass), Dan Lieber (drums) and Juan Lugo (percussion), Lovers in Arms submerged themselves in Chicago’s grassroots of soul and funk while also pulling in strings of electronica. The product: Lovers in Arms’ first, full length album, Belmont Electric, in 2007.

Belmont Electric demonstrates Lovers in Arms’ distinct entitlement to the electronic genre while the past influences of Frequency Below’s trip-hop and Chicago’s impregnable jazz accomplishes the band’s creative instrumentalism.

On their MySpace page, Lovers in Arms have most recently posted the song, “Oh My Brother,” soon to be released on their latest album, Strength for the Weary. Yohanan’s down-tempo vocals of the song optimize the original couple’s love for music while the song also shows the band’s uncompromising ability to connect to one another and create a song out of passion.

Lovers in Arms are to perform at Mike ‘N Molly’s tomorrow night with Common Loon beginning at 8 p.m. Mike ‘N Molly’s is located on 105 N. Market St. in Champaign.

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