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High Anxiety Music Makes a Return

When we lost the High Anxiety Music house this past spring, lots of folks close to the music scene let out a collective sigh. The house, located on State St. in downtown Champaign, had been garnering a fine reputation for hosting some of the city’s best house parties with great bands like Sunset Stallion, Santa, Curb Service, The Confines and more.

But when the landlord who owned the home fell on hard times, the once revered practice space and venue was shut down for good.

Have no fear though — owner Ralph Petrella is back. Sort of.

He sent this email out last night:

Greetings friends!

Ralph Petrella here. Just wanted to let you all know that High Anxiety Music is planning to make its presence felt with the start of the new school year at U of I. We plan to help organize shows both in Champaign and Chicago, and most importantly we will re-launch our podcast on Quad Day, August 24th.

You can subscribe to the podacst through iTunes. Just click on podcasts and search for High Anxiety Music and you’ll find us. The pilot episode from last February is available now. You can also find links to this at

Right now I am planning to head down to Champaign this weekend to attend quad day and hand out fliers advertising the podcast along with our other offered services (including on-site recording and booking help). If any of you would be willing to meet up with me on Sunday to help distribute fliers that would be AMAZING! I really want us to have a presence there. If you have the time, please drop me an e-mail and let me know. I’ll tell you where and when to meet me and we’ll get things started strong.

Thanks to all of you for your past and future support! I look forward to hearing from you all and wish you the best in your endeavors this year!


Here is to hoping that Ralph can somehow get another house started. That space was fine. Damn fine.

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