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Getting together with Animals in Human Attire

Some artists are of few words. I’ll follow Myles Coyne’s example and simply get to the interview with Animals in Human Attire’s spokesman.

Smile Politely: How did the band start? What’s the story?

Myles Coyne: Nathan Toth, Jack Tell, and I all met at audio engineering school where we demoed a lot of early songs. Jack always brought his guitar to classes, like a noob. After relocating to Milwaukee, we added Charlie Celenza and Alex Klosterman (originally form the psych-rock band Conundrum) to the equation.

SP: How do you write songs?

Coyne: Our singer, Jack, brings a lot of ideas to the table and we latch on our ideas around it. Sometimes it takes a day, sometimes it takes a week, but it has resulted in many a crazy idea. There is a lot of collaboration. As of recent, Jack’s [been] writing material on his banjo. On the other end, though, Jack sometimes makes up new riffs on the spot, but Alex can pick up on him pretty quick. Basically, there are a lot of “ideas”, and that mentality never goes away.

SP: What are some of your favorite venues? What makes them great?

Coyne: Our favorite venue ever is Linneman’s Riverwest Inn in Milwaukee, WI. Best open mic in the world with amazing live sound. It’s kinda like our own personal… hangout with our band friends; work on songs and have big shows. There is a great sense of love and community, mostly brought by the warm room designs and loving owners, Jim and Marty. Imagine the biggest Bob Dylan fans who own their own folk venue… that place is real. We as a band have such a love for the people and building.

SP: If you could bring anyone to that place to jam, who would it be? What’s the dream session?

Coyne: Probably Robin Williams or Andy Kauffman. They could just be themselves.

SP: You play, they sing?

Coyne: As long as they involve the audience somehow and shout a lot.

SP: Have you ever played Mike ‘N Molly’s — or — Champaign for that matter?

Coyne: We have never played Mike ‘N Mollys, but I have played in town a number of times with another group I am in called TEMPLE (more post hardcore stuff). Most of our shows have been at Error Records. Really great space run by some really dope people. The shows have always been really great and everyone was always really helpful with helping, coming out, and even finding us a place to crash. I never would have expected to find a supportive scene on the road, and it’s great that it’s so close to our home state of Wisconsin. I also bought my copy of The Reptilian’s Low Health at Error Records, and I love that record.

Animals in Human Attire play Mike ‘N Molly’s on Saturday the 5th at 9 p.m. They’ll be with Hank and Woodie. 

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