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Five questions with Wilson Hensleigh of Usopp the Liar

Usopp the Liar is just a few months old, but the players should be familiar to anyone who’s been paying attention to local music over the last ten years. Guitarist Wilson Hensleigh, bassist John Paul Livergood and drummer Ben Ucherek’s previous and current bands include Monster Honkey, Clio, Crane, Badger, Solips, Twenty Feet Over, Beauty Shop and Tractor Kings. With such a divergent background and short incubation period, it’s a little premature to make any big pronouncements about this lineup. Let’s just say that they are loud, and they are rocking.

In advance of a show this Friday night, Hensleigh was kind of enough to share some of his local favorites.

Favorite C-U band past or present
Hum.  I should probably say something that I am less obviously influenced by to be cool, but that’s a little too stylish around here, isn’t it?  Love Cup and Lonely Trailer are other C-U bands I listen to often.

Favorite C-U venue
Toss up. Upstairs at Mike N’ Molly’s or the Brass Rail (coming back!).  It was nice when bigger places had shows, but I think you dance in those clubs now.

Favorite C-U entree, dessert or drink

Favorite album of all time (does not have to be from C-U)
Everyone Else is Doing It So Why Can’t We? by the Cranberries. I have listened to this album at least nine times a week for the last 11 years.

Why readers should come see your show this Friday
People should come because they might hear something different. There will be no bands on the bill your grandmother would listen too. As far as I know this hasn’t happened in these parts for quite a while.

Usopp the Liar plays this Friday (Feb. 26) at Mike N’ Molly’s with Steal Eater (10 p.m.)

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