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Five questions with Travis Leonard from Vanattica

Local band Vannatica bring a heavy-edge to their power punk tunes. Or maybe they bring a pop-tinge to their metal tunes. Whatever the case, they provide plenty of virtuoso guitar and catchy, but not quite sing-a-long choruses on their new Behind Closed Eyes EP. In advance of Saturday’s Cowboy Monkey show, vocalist/guitarist Travis Leonard gave us a few minutes of his time.

Favorite C-U band past or present
Hum was the best local band of all time. Jaron, our bassist, works with Matt Talbott over at Millikin University for recording stuff.

Favorite C-U venue
Cowboy Monkey and the Highdive are at a tie. Cowboy Monkey has the best sound system; Highdive has the most epic stage.

Favorite C-U restaurant/bar entree, dessert or drink
We love Ruby Tuesday’s. It’s a chain, I know, but their bison bacon cheeseburgers are to die for. If I had to go local, I’d say Lil’ Porgy’s.

Favorite album of all time (does not have to be from C-U)
They’re Only Chasing Safety by Underoath. It changed my life musically. I bought the album before I even liked screaming in music, and that turned me on to it. We don’t scream in Vanattica, but we enjoy the heavier things also.

Why readers should come see your show on Saturday
We always have free cookies for our Cowboy Monkey shows. 100 of your closest friends will be there. It’s the last time to see us locally for quite some time, since we’ll be going down to South by South West and on tour this summer.

Vanattica perform this Saturday at the Cowboy Monkey with JigGsaw and The Poets Dance. (10 p.m. $5)

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