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Five Questions with Elzie Sexton of New Ruins & My Werewolf Diary

Elzie Sexton is busy pretty much all of the time anyway, fronting New Ruins and performing solo as My Werewolf Diary, in addition to, you know, working to pay the bills, but even by his standards this Saturday is going to be hectic. He took the few spare moments he had to tell us about his Record Store Day plans, among other things:


Peninsula. Jim Gorton makes some of the most honest, weird, and beautiful music around here. He is always moving around/touring. He lives his music in a way that most don’t have the balls to do. I can’t wait until he gets back from tour and is around so we can do some recording together. He is also a really fucking good artist. Damn.
The Tractor Kings and The Chemicals are both king shit in my book. Y’all know who they are.


The Cowboy Monkey and The IMC for rock shows. Bentley’s is really cool for acoustic /stripped down stuff, and they always treat the bands really well. Ben Quinn is doing a really good job at keeping music going there.


Brunch at Radio Maria is good.
Black Dog kicks the shit out of all other local BBQ, great sauces and they really give a damn about cooking their meat.
Cold Fudge sundae at Jarling’s.
Barbacoa tacos at El Charro.
Any Burger at Farren’s.
Thara Thai is always awesome.

FAVORITE ALBUM OF ALL TIME (does not have to be from C-U)?

Built To Spill Perfect From Now On
Modest Mouse The Moon and Antarctica
The Knife Deep Cuts
Robert Johnson King of Delta Blues
Roky Erickson The Evil One
Guided By Voices Bee Thousand
Dr. Dre The Chronic
Willie Nelson Red Headed Stranger
Flying Burrito Brothers Gilded Palace of Sin
Fleetwood Mac Rumours


My day starts at Parasol Records in Urbana with New Ruins. We will have an exclusive 7″ release to celebrate. (Also, exclusive 7″s from: Common Loon, Elsinore, Unbunny, Mazes, and Cameron McGill) It is always a cool environment, so come out and drink some beers and shoot the shit with us. I really love playing in record stores and I get to do it twice in one day.

Next up, Record Store Day at Exile on Main Street. It was really fun last year, so it should be even better this year. There are a shit-ton of good bands/djs so there is something for everyone. The Tractor Kings are playing the same bill with me, I’ll be damned. It will be worth it alone to see those old boys.

That night at Bentley’s, it should be a pretty damn good show. Tiger Bones and The Runnies are both from Chicago and I don’t believe they have played in C-U before, I might be wrong. Both have really good songs up on their myspace pages. It will be a good way to end Record Store Day. I am going to have to pace myself I guess. Come out and see.

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