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Five questions with Cody Sokolski of Delta Kings

Delta Kings have been playing in and around Champaign-Urbana for close to twenty years. They are the go-to band for up-tempo American blues-based rock n’ roll. As such, you might expect them to rest on their laurels and be content to play their familiar sets of songs to their long-established audience. You would be wrong. This spring, the band is about to release a new album, 4 Chords and the Truth, with a revamped lineup that includes a new guitarist, Matt Stewart, and a renewed sense of purpose.

We spoke with singer/guitarist Cody Sokolski about his local favorites. He has a lot.

Favorite C-U band past or present
Elsinore and The Living Blue. And Vvvvv was really cool, but I think they are on hiatus while they work on their religious cult obligations. Oh, of course, Angie Heaton does some serious songwriting and so do David Howie & Eleni Moraites. Oh and as a former punk rock guy from New York City, REO speedboat, ain’t really on my greatest hits list. Nice guy though. The singer sat in with us a few years ago and did some of their hits. God was laughing at me.

Favorite C-U venue
The Rose Bowl Tavern, Cowboy Monkey, and weekends outside at Mike & Molly’s. And you know the Virginia is a pretty awesome room to play and now that we think about it, we always have a blast at Krannert Center too.

Favorite C-U restaurant/bar entree, dessert or drink
The ribs at Black Dog, dry aged steak at Jim Gould and sushi at KoFusion. And the Cupcakes on Walnut joint hits the sweet tooth pretty fine and dandy too.

Favorite album of all time (does not have to be from C-U)
London Calling by the Clash, Spinners first on Atlantic, Decoration Day by the Drive by Truckers, most Replacements and Big Star Lp’s, Forever Changes by Love, Hello Goodbye by Tim Buckley. I could go on and on…I am a music geek you know.

Why readers should come see your show on Saturday
What else is there to do in C-U? Because we are the world’s greatest rock n’ roll band, at least in that bar, on that block, on that night. Plus, Terry will be wearing new fancy underpants. And believe me, the women will love them!

Delta Kings play tonight, March 26, at at 88 Broadway ($5, 9 p.m.) and tomorrow night, March 27, at the Rose Bowl Tavern (9 p.m.).

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