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Find Deconstructing Jim at Mike ‘N Molly’s Tomorrow Evening

The boys of Deconstructing Jim share a striking character resemblance to Clark Kent. By day, the men join the working class with their careers in machinery, public relations and the ever-popular egg delivery. However, by the night, the men live very different lives: rock stars.

Hailing from the Southwestern suburbs of Chicago, the band has spent the past four years performing in their favorite type of venue: dirty, rock clubs. “When you’re starting out and on the low end of the totem pole and working your way up, those are your homes, those dirty rock bars, dive bars and small venues.

Deconstructing Jim is no stranger to Champaign-Urbana. They have performed at several local venues including Canopy Club and Cowboy Monkey. “[C-U] is a great town for music and art, and has a supportive scene and good people who come out to shows and support music,” said Jeff Julian, guitar player and vocalist.

Tomorrow night at 8 p.m., the band will take the stage at Mike ‘N Molly’s to perform a mix of old favorites and new songs that will appear on their new record expected to come out in 2009.

“We’ll have fun, we’ll play some good music, and we’ll drink some beers,” said Julian. “What more could you ask for on a Thursday night?”

Mike ‘N Molly’s located on 105 N. Market St. in Champaign.

Photo by David Cubberly

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