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Final batch of Pygmalion bands announced

The lineup for the 2009 Pygmalion Music Festival is pretty much complete with the addition of 29 bands and DJs announced this morning.

RJD2 (Philadelphia)

This guy is one of the hardest-working DJs/producers/whatever-else out there. His remixes and songs pop up everywhere, and this is quite a billing for a festival. RJD2’s guaranteed dance party will be the place to be (cheesy, I know, but it’s true. This guy is and will be awesome).

Yacht (Portland, Oregon)


The Antlers (Brooklyn, NY)

I won’t be surprised if this band makes it big by the time Pygmalion rolls around. The band recently signed to Frenchkiss Records, and their album Hospice will be re-released in August. And even if the band doesn’t break big, their combination of lo-fi aesthetic, psychedelic sounds and electronic gurgles should make for a great show.

Autolux (Los Angeles)


Gazelle (Chambana)

Pygmalion will be the debut show for this C-U supergroup, featuring Absinthe Blind’s (and Smile Politely’s) Adam Fein, and Jeff Dimpsey of HUM and National Skyline. It’s Fein’s first time on stage in over six years, and Gazelle will be filled out with members of Headlights and Honcho Overload. This one will be worth checking out.

Empires (Chicago)


Early Day Miners (Bloomington, Ind.)

Early Day Miners sound like they are never happy, and that’s a good thing. Instead of coming off as cheesy and morose, they sound powerfully emotional. The band is signed to Secretly Canadian, one of the best record labels out there (just look at some of the records they have put out recently, and it’s not hard to see), and while this show may not brighten your spirits, you’ll feel something strong.

Starfucker (Portland, Ore.)

Yay! A band named after a Nine Inch Nails song. Except these guys sound a lot less morose than Trent Reznor.

Bob Nanna (Chicago)


William Fitzsimmons (Jacksonville, Ill.)

He may not be as well-known as Sam Beam, but William Fitzsimmons’ music is worthy of Iron & Wine comparisons, and his beard may exceed that standard.

Paper Route (Nashville)


The Life and Times (Kansas City, Miss.)


Brooke Waggoner (Nashville)


Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band (Seattle)

I have to admit, the band’s self-titled debut album took a little while to sink in. Once it did though, it was, to me, one of the best indie pop albums of the year. In the spring, there were apparently about 13 people in the audience when they played at the Courtyard Cafe. Let’s hope the turnout is better this time, because their shows are supposed to be happy fun-fests.

Jookabox (Indianapolis)


Solid Gold (Minneapolis)


Company of Thieves (Chicago)

Company of Thieves have visited Champaign-Urbana a few times in recent history, but they are worth checking out. Lead singer Genevieve Schatz is a powerful vocalist (think Incubus’ Brandon Boyd, except in female form), and the rest of the band fills it out with Smashing Pumpkins-inspired guitars and interesting rhythms.

So Many Dynamos (St. Louis)


Local Folks


DJ Belly

DJ Lucknow

DJ Famicom

DJ Mertz

DJ Kosmo

Take Care

Pamela Machala

Stan McConnell

Alpha Mile

Final Pygmalion Effect

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