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Female a cappella group rocks the stage

Founded in 1971, The Girls Next Door are University of Illinois’ first female a cappella group. This past Saturday evening at the Canopy Club, they showcased not only their collective a cappella talents but also their individual lead vocal abilities with the accompaniment of a backing band. The women performed their set, just over ninety minutes in length, for a crowd of nearly 300.

“We performed two groups songs at this past show,” said Natalya Varkey, performer and GND Public Relations Chair. “All of our group songs are arranged by current members or GND alumnae.”

Natalya Varkey

Nina Graulty, Erin Masterson, and Emily Yaniz

Song selections ran the gamut from Kelly Clarkson to The Animals. One member, Hannah Lake, even treated the audience to two original compositions. However the best part of the evening, according to Varkey, came in the form of a Loverboy classic. “I think the highlight of the show was when Kayley Smetana surprised us and our best friends, The Other Guys, which is the first all-male a cappella group to start at the University of Illinois in 1968, with our favorite song, Working for the Weekend by Loverboy. We all immediately grouped together and rocked out to the song by singing very loudly and jumping around with pure excitement and joy. It’s a moment we all will never forget.”

Kayley Smetana

Hannah Lake

The group will continue their normal routine of rehearsing in three hour increments, three times per week, as they prepare for their next big show. Our Spring Show this year will take place on April 30th at 5pm at Gregory Hall on campus,” said Varkey. “We couldn’t be more excited!”

Johanna Scott

Visit the Girls Next Door here.

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