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Fall Semester Showdown profile: Zach May and the Maps

More than a dozen local bands will be playing the Fall Semester showdown at the Canopy Club on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. In case you’re not familiar with some of them, we’ll be running capsule interviews with as many of them as would respond to our emails over the next few days.

Next up: Zach May and the Maps, who will be playing on Saturday night as part of a five-band bill also featuring Worlds First Flying Machine, Hot Cops, On Again Off Again and Shark Bandit. Cover is $7, and the show starts at 9 p.m.

Smile Politely: How would you describe your sound to a person who you don’t think will like your music?

Zach May and the Maps: It’s like a million angels singing your favorite song

Smile Politely: Is there anything your music has been compared to that you don’t particularly agree with?

Zach May and the Maps: not really

Smile Politely: Are there any non-musical influences that one might not expect?

Zach May and the Maps: The permeation of the glam fashion world into our show presentation

Smile Politely: What are the primary factors/influences/motivations that keep you doing what you’re doing?

Zach May and the Maps: Definitely not money, unfortunately

Smile Politely: What is the best (or worst) thing happening in music today (either local, national or international)?

Zach May and the Maps: Absolute best: the Pacifica Quartet, string quartet in residence here at U of I.

Smile Politely: Tell us about the worst show you have ever played.

Zach May and the Maps: Any of the many suzuki recitals i stopped in the middle of as a kid.

Smile Politely: What do you have coming up on the horizon?

Zach May and the Maps: Moving to a cupola in a house on the least important street in the smallest medium-sized town in northeastern europe, and incorporating bunraku puppeteering into our shows.

Smile Politely: What can people expect from your live show that differs from what is available from your MySpace?

Zach May and the Maps: Us

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