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Fall Semester Showdown profile:  Withershins


More than a dozen local bands took part in the Fall Semester Showdown series at the Canopy Club last week.  In case you’re not familiar with some of them, or if you missed the series altogether, we’re running capsule interviews with as many of them as would respond to our emails.

Next up: The Withershins, who played Friday night with Roses and Sake, Butterfly Assassins, Neoga Blacksmith, The Cellar Door, and the Skalalatibs.

Photo by David Cubberly

Smile Politely:  How would you describe your sound to a person who you don’t think will like your music?

Withershins (Colin): I’m not sure any of us really know how to describe our sound anyways! Maybe I’d tell them we sound like radiohead or something.

SP:  Is there anything your music has been compared to that you don’t particularly agree with?

Withershins (Isaac): Coheed and Cambria

SP: Are there any non-musical influences that one might not expect?

Withershins (Isaac): Most of the things that influence our music are music.

SP:  What are the primary factors/influences/motivations that keep you doing what you’re doing?

Withershins (Colin): I think we all just love music, and enjoy meeting people in the music community here. It’s a lot of fun being in a band, and it’s easy to be in a band around here with all the venues and support structure.

SP: What is the best (or worst) thing happening in music today (either local, national or international)?

Withershins (Colin): I think the best and worst thing happening in music is the internet. It’s helped to provide such a huge selection of bands, and it’s great to see that much variety. It’s also a bit shady sometimes with piracy and all that.

SP: Tell us about the worst show you have ever played.

Withershins (Isaac): Our first show, our lead guitarist didn’t show. Not our only time as a three-piece, but it was unexpected and disappointing. But it went over well anyways, we played with another three-piece. Your balls feel a bit bigger when you’re the only one playing your instrument onstage. It’s a lot of responsibility. That’s why we have Bryce.

SP: What do you have coming up on the horizon?

Withershins (Isaac): In January, we are recording a new song to be released on a 7 inch split with our friends from up north, PoundCake. Also, we’re planning a ten-month tour of the Shire.

Colin:  This winter we’re going to work on some new songs, which will probably get released as a 4 or 5 song EP come springtime.

SP: What can people expect from your live show that differs from what is available from your MySpace?

Withershins (Colin): We generally rock out a bit more live than how the songs are portrayed on the album. Also, we’re all part time male models, so getting to ogle us onstage is far greater than staring at a computer screen.

SP: Anything else you want to emphasize or get off your chest?

Withershins (Colin): One time when I was like 6, I stole a laffy taffy from the grocery store and never told anyone. I feel better now that it’s out there.

Isaac:  I have this rash on my chest. I would love to get it off.

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