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I contacted a musician recently for an interview…

Katie: Gavin- I would like to interview you in time for your Champaign show. Are you free to email back and forth? -Katie Prosise

Zach: Yes. Gavin is just apart of the band name. my name is Zach. -Zach Hudson

Katie: Oh my gosh. 

Zach: No worries at all!

And that began a lovely interview with Zach Hudson, who is a more gracious and patient artist than some I’ve called by the right damn name. 

Zach Hudson, guitar and vocals

Smile Politely: How did the band start? What’s your origin story? Who are ya?

Zach Hudson: The band started actually out in mid 2010 with a three members and we were called “burnoutbright,” which consisted of Orie Turnbull, Nick Gwinn, and me. We wrote a 6 song EP and broke up in late 2011. Some members moved… pretty far away for a couple months. After everyone was in visiting reach, we decided to reform. 4 songs were written and recorded with me. There was a reunion with the band, but with different members, consisting of old band buddies (Nick Gwinn, Zach Hudson, Taylor Kincaid, and Chris Tucker). While alone in Florida, I re-released the 6 songs of burnoutbright and the 4 I recorded in Florida under Recycle and Create, the first release of Cloud Gavin.

After inconsistent members, and 3 years later, with an album released, (Posture) and many dates around the country, Cloud Gavin is Zach Hudson, Orie Turnbull, Taylor Kincaid, and Brandon Umbanhowar. We say we originated in Danville, Illinois, but all the members are in different towns, or even states. Zach and Orie in Champaign; Brandon in Hoopeston; Taylor in Lebanon/Indianapolis, IN but relocating to Nashville, TN.

We are a lot of things. Band-wise, I’d say it’s something you’d have to experience for yourself.

SP: How do you all get along? Are you friends or only artistic collaborators? What are the relationships?

Hudson: We all get along great. We’ve done tours 40 days long with being fine. We get along great with other bands we play with and have our own time with new friends, so that keeps us sane from each other. Orie, Taylor, and I… are all old band friends. Brandon was recommended by our old guitarist, Michael Brooks, for a tour fill-in last year. It worked out well and it was time for Nick to move on. It was a mutual agreement and we are all great friends.

Orie Turnbull

SP: What are some of your favorite tour spots?

Hudson: Ohhh. We have a lot. We really enjoy Little Rock, AR for the nature perks. It’s beautiful there. Plus we have some good friends we like to see when we’re there. Virginia Beach and Richmond, VA. We love that beach. Met some of our old label mates and friends, Gatherer. Buffalo and Rochester. We always have friends there welcoming us. Rainsville and Fort Payne, AL. Some of our best friends on the road, Men and Mountains, live there. We really enjoy the company there, as well as the crowd. Danbury, CT. We also met some of the best people in a band called Raintree.

Honestly, we have A LOT of friends we would love to mention. But I can go on for days with stories and places. We are really into getting to know the local food spots, nature, and just unique things about the place, so we try to have locals show us around if we have time to hang and not just rush to the next show.

SP: Any harrowing stories from those adventures?

Hudson: Driving is usually really boring. Last tour, both of our leaf springs broke. Day after day. Countless flats. Just typical band stuff. But we have quite a few we’d rather not mention.

SP: Hah! Fair enough. Tell us about your Error Records show tonight! What can we expect?

Hudson: Well, that will be our tenth day of tour. I would just expect a very intimate set, a crowd that’s easy to get along with, and a great DIY venue. It’s a local record shop that gets some great local and underground records that also does some pretty good shows. Every town needs a place like that.

Error Records features Move Orchestra (formerly PMToday), Cloud Gavin, Thin Gin, and Krelboyne at 7:30 p.m. (You’ll buy all that entertainment for just $7)

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