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Elsinore goes cvlt

Elsinore’s music will take a turn for the dark on their next album. Adopting a black metal aesthetic, the album, entitled No No No will be out on Parasol on June 6th.

“We’re always keeping an eye out for new trends to latch onto,” said frontman Ryan Groff, or Grovgus as he now wishes to be called. “After we saw Deafheaven play at Pygmalion last year, we knew that black metal was something we had to try. It’s the next big thing in music.”

This comes as no surprise. C-U music fans have already seen Elsinore start as a hippie jam band but turn indie once they discovered Arcade Fire. They’ve done pretty well since then, so who knows? This could be the band’s next big break.

Elsinore play a show on Friday with local black metal brethren Øde Vinter at the Woodlawn Cemetery in Urbana. Lurk in the shadows and you’re sure to find the gig.

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