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Deconstructing Jim, Fulbright Scholar, Withershins at MnM’s Tonight

There’s a full slate of tuneful Midwestern rock music on tap at Mike ‘n Molly’s tonight, as Joliet’s Deconstructing Jim are joined by Milwaukee’s Fulbright Scholar and Champaign-Urbana’s Withershins for a 10 p.m. show. Cover is four or five bucks, so clean out the couch cushions and head on down there.

After the jump, Jeff Julian from Deconstructing Jim fields a few questions from the peanut gallery.

Photo by David Cubberly

Smile Politely: So, how are things in Joliet?

Jeff Julian: Joliet is like living in the past. We just learned that Bill Clinton was elected president for a second time. We are really excited! I hope he doesn’t have sex with any of his interns. That would be bad.

SP: What’s the origin of the band’s name, or who’s Jim?

JJ: There is no Jim, although I have assumed the mantle of Jim because my name is Jeff, and it’s close to Jim. So any time someone from a new venue or bar calls me back about a show, they are usually like, “Sure, Jim, no problem. We can work that out for Friday.” I gave up long ago trying to explain that I was “Jeff” and not “Jim.”

SP: How intimidated are you to play a gig with a bunch of Fulbright Scholars? Do they treat you with righteous disdain?

JJ: Though we are yet to meet the Fulbright Scholars, they have sent us several of their dissertations as well as many pointed critiques of Western civilization. I have found nearly all of them to be particularly disdainful with a slight hint of righteousness.

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