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Cowboy Monkey To Host Live Music This Weekend

After downtown bar and former venue Cowboy Monkey closed its doors to local music at the start of this year, rumors flew — were they tearing out the stage? Were they still hosting shows on weekends? Were they expanding the kitchen? Was this a knife in the back of the downtown music scene?

Let the rumors rest (for now) — this Saturday, Cowboy Monkey opens its doors to local music once again, hosting Ryan Groff, Casados, and Washington, D.C. act Vandaveer.

Ward Gollings, longtime talent buyer at the Monkey, is not surprised by the show, and blames local bloggers and forum-frequenters for fueling rumors: ”(The show this weekend) does indeed indicate that there will be ‘one-off’ events and periodic shows. My two cents? Stop hating. And when you see or hear of a good band at Monkey, and you have the time, go see it. Same goes for every other venue in town.”

Perhaps if enough people come out to show their support for this decision, a few hearts might grow three times bigger, and perhaps local music at the Monkey won’t be such a rare occurrence.

The show starts at 9:00 p.m. and is mercifully located at 6 E. Taylor St., Champaign. Cover is $5.

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