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Colourmusic is Coming to The Canopy Club

I first fell in love with the Cowboy Monkey two years ago when I went with a friend to see a random band that turned out to be quite an enticing act called Colourmusic. I have never seen a set quite like the one the band put on that night. I still have my “Colourmusic” pin featuring a unicorn as a reminder of the amazing show.

They dressed in all-white suits, a style, their website indicates, they still sport. As I’ve said, I have yet to see another concert quite like it. What made their performance stand out was its overarching theme of body organs. Each band member had a preferred organ such as the heart, kidney, brain, etc. In between the songs there would be a hovering voice that would prepare the audience for the next organ. When they played “Put in a Little Gas” from their self-titled EP, there was an assigned band member with an illustration of the intestines taped on an anatomically correct location of his body.

My friend and I talked to some band members after the show. They told us that they try to do a different theme each show. I’m not sure that after two years they still keep it up, but I do not expect anything less than a flamboyant performance after their full album, F, Monday, Orange, February, Venus, Lunatic, 1 or 13, was released just this past Tuesday.

The album combined the songs from their EP with eight other psychedelic-folk tracks. Together they sing in brassy vocals similar to Polyphonic Spree sans the female voices. Their music is a perfect match to their flashy live show and somehow makes the quintet sound like a 10-piece band.

One of their best tracks is “Yes!” and can be streamed here. If you’re bored, Try some exploratory clicking on their website. Start with the middle portrait on the left side of the screen, for instance. Just see where it takes you.

Colourmusic will play with Inept, Swizzle Tree and more at The Canopy Club this Friday. Tickets are $7.

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