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Check Out Trio X For Free Thursday Night at Krannert Art Museum

This Thursday is a wonderful opportunity to experience an intimate performance from some of the heaviest hitters in free and improvised music, well, for free. In the second installment of this semester’s Sudden Sound Concert Series, Trio X will bring their completely improvised music to the Krannert Art Museum. Consisting of the legendary Joe McPhee on saxophone, Dominic Duval on bass and Jay Rosen on drums, Trio X create some of the most exciting and unique music in jazz. Over the course of a performance, Trio X will range from rapid fire, howling skronk to swinging grooves to contemplative meditation pieces and everywhere in between.

Trio X is performing at the Krannert Art Museum on Thursday, October 16 at 7:30 p.m. The Krannert Art Museum is located at 500 East Peabody in Champaign. The show is FREE.

Trio X is celebrating 10 years of creating music together this year. Each member has been playing for decades whether it’s solo, leading their own groups or playing alongside some of the heaviest players in history such as Anthony Braxton, Cecil Taylor, Pauline Oliveros and Smegma. Of the three, Joe McPhee is the best-known. Since the ‘60s, he has specialized in a unique style of improvised music which is reflected very much so in his Trio X efforts. In a recent Wire magazine interview, McPhee shared his incredibly enthusiastic, open minded and inspired perspective on music.

Trio X has a busy fall line-up. Prior to Thursday evening’s performance, Trio X is playing in Hamilton, New York and Ann Arbor, Michigan. On October 18, a carefully hand packaged, limited edition box set titled Celebrating 10 Years of Trio consisting of seven discs from seven different concerts is set to be released.

The Sudden Sound Concert Series, which is curated by Jason Finkelman, focuses on bringing improvised and avant-garde music to Champaign-Urbana.

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