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Chachi and the Bandidos host a Halloween hoedown

Spirits of all kinds will be on display at the Iron Post this Halloween… and not just behind the bar. Expect to see costumed patrons dressed as goblins and ghouls, donning the usual array of masks, hats and colorful clothing, and you should expect to see bandits. Yes, Chachi and the Bandidos will be there too.

The Bandidos are Everett Elam on guitar, Kali Griffin on bass, Ted Carroll on drums and Chachi, a.k.a. Marten Stromberg, on guitar and vocals. “I grew up playing music, so I can tinker around on whatever, but I’m a singer,” said Stromberg. “We listened to music all the time and the kids were all involved with music, especially singing.”

Although they came together as a band rather recently, their stage presence, style and setlist has already produced a substantial and deserved following. “We play a mix of classic country, soul, R&B, and now, a smattering of 80s tunes,” said Stromberg. “Sometimes we stay pretty close to the original but we usually alter it to fit our style. The band comes from different musical backgrounds and the blend seems to work out well for us.” Some of the band’s musical influences include, Hank Williams, Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Townes Van Zandt, Sam Cooke, the Drifters, “and their peers,” as Stromberg put it.

Stromberg’s musical background is even more diverse than their set list would imply. He says he grew up listening to classical, psychedelic, English folk, country, and soul, as well as “oldies, oldies, Dr. Demento, and oldies.” He added, “I sang in church and in school. As a teenager I would listen to just about anything I could get at the library. This is also the time I really got into jazz.”

Stromberg, who used to organize variety shows in Chicago said, “This Halloween show is a good opportunity to get closer to that again. Get the ambience right and make sure the crowd has fun.”

Photo by Eric Frahm.

Join Chachi and the Bandidos for a Halloween bash at the Iron Post on October 31st. They take the stage at 9 p.m., and won’t give it back until the party’s over.

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