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Bozak’s running tour diary of the Midwest: Part two

So I finally had a chance to eat at Black Dog BBQ (after getting a heavy dose of live Jazz from Ray Sazaki and others at the Iron Post). This place is good! Lives up to the hype. I wish they were in San Francisco. Like Ferris said: “If you have the means, I highly recommend it.”

Wow. Last night was killer! Here is my recap for the audio/visual party at Boltini.

Prepping for video: I knew this could be a pain in the ass so we started thinking about it a week or so ago. Ended up going with white paper on the windows to block light from the street. I think it worked pretty damn well. Matt Harsh was able to “borrow” another projector so we had a double dose of visuals from such things as Breakin’ 1, public access dance shows, Flight of the Navigator, and homemade skate vids of CU legend: James Smith. I was going to use fabric at first, but Joann Fabrics was askin’ for prices that were beyond stupid. I remember back when every kid on the block had 10+ clothing items their mom sewed up for ’em. With these prices? No way. I blame Walmart. Anna at Joann was mad helpful though. Shout out to Anna.

Turnout: It was great! Especially considering the nasty weather on a night that has been hit or miss for Boltini of late. Things disapated towards the end, but I assumed that was going to happen on a Thursday. Maybe it was due to oversaturation of amazing music. Cough, cough. So
good to see all the CU heads roll through, as well as many, many new faces. Famicom (physical challenge) rolled through and took some flicks as well as recorded the audio for most of it. Ace. I will try to post that ASAP (hint hint Famicom, I need those files).

Performing: First, there is a tracklist in the comments for my post about lastnight on facebook. Like I said in my lead-up post, that booth is prolly the one I’m most comfortable in. Sometimes when you are in a new space it can take a while to get settled with the equipment and acoustics but that is never the case for me at Boltini. Interestingly, DJ Reed Richards (my brother) had never played there before yet he sounded like a seasoned, grizzled vet. He kilt it! I enjoyed playing a majority of tunes I have bought in the two years since I have moved so it was good to do a little “show and tell” as me and Spinnerty say. I brought along a midi controller to shake things up a bit too. It’s wild what you can do with one in the booth. Towards the end when I moved away from Boogie and more towards harder, grimy, darker stuff I was doing some live beat making on it. Tons of scratching to boot. Do people still say “to boot”?

This was the perfect jump-off point for my little tour of sorts. Thanks again to Boltini and everyone who stopped by!

Ok, now to tonights gig (details)

Krukid, DJ Legtwo (Larry Gates II),& Ill Legit will be tearing it down with that good ‘ol Hip Hop. I on the other hand am not exactly sure what I will be doing just yet 🙂 I’m inclined to follow suit, but I also love a chance to play grizzly drunken songs. Why not both? I will be up in the birds nest if the boys perform outside, if it rains I will be inside (and using an actual full DJ setup so I can really get busy). Hmmmm what to play, what to play….

Oh, if you missed it you may want to check out “Part One” where you can find my “tour schedule”. The two Chicago gigs had full details but didn’t have FB event links at the time. Those are ready now:

May 27th – “The Thread
May 28th – “Soul Sauce

Thanks for taking a break from work, or whatever you were doing, to read this. Come on through tonight! We are going to have fun in large doses.


Words: DJ Bozak
Photos: DJ Famicom

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