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A night with Bone Thugs at the Canopy Club

Finally, Bone Thugs N Harmony (BTNH) made it back to C-U. And for those of us who were too young to see them last time, this was a really nice throw-back treat. 

How was the music? 

BTNH played their entire E. 1999 album from start to finish. Afterwards they did some short versions of other hit songs, while paying homage to late hip hop artists. Songs like Notorious Thugz, Thug Love and Boyz in the Hood.

What kind of merch was there?

A great selection of shirts, and an even better selection of hats.

How much weed smokin’ was going on?

Some. But it wasn’t like when Method Man was here. BTNH drank Patron on stage and smoked a black and mild. But I didn’t see them chief any blunts. Some of the fans were rolling up, lighting up, smokin’ up. But there wasn’t like a huge cloud or anything.

Was it a safe environment?

Yeah, I actually felt pretty secure and not threatened at all.

What kind of shoes did BTNH wear?

See below.

Check out more photos of the concert including some of the opening acts!

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