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Beaujolais delivers second album in as many years


While the Parasol Label welcomes Admirations, the second album from Chicago/Los Angeles one-man-garage-band Beaujolais (Joe Ziemba from Wolfie and The Like Young) slotting themselves neatly into the store’s shelves last week and this week are new albums from The Reigning Sound, Black Mold (Chad VanGaalen’s electro alter ego), the extremely prolific Bob Pollard, The New Christs (led by Radio Birdman guy Rob Younger), Synthesisa, Throw Me the Statue, Desolation Wilderness, Yim Yames (MMJ’s Jim James’ tribute to George Harrison), Fruit Bats, Lightning Dust (Black Mountain members, and featured on our site), Japandroids (a recent Polyvinyl Records signee), heavy-psych rockers Iron Age, Marmoset, Sian Alice Group and sultry Swedish chantuese Anna Ternheim. There’s also EPs from Antony & The Johnsons and Modest Mouse (collects recent 7″ singles that were impossible to obtain). Joe Pernice wins some sort of sweepstakes by becoming a published author, releasing a CD soundtrack to his new fiction novel and having Sub Pop release a real 7″ single from the fictional band in his book! All in the same week. Not to be outdone in the creating more headaches than necessary department, if you pre-order Yo La Tengo’s new CD or DLP you get a bonus live LP, mp3s, album stream, poster, etc.


Wax On

Grizzly Bear Horn of Plenty LP, Depreciation Guild 45, Blind Man’s Colour LP, ZAZA 12″, The Spiral Joy Band (Pelt peeps) DLP, Audion (Matthew Dear) 12″, Julian Plenti (AKA Interpol’s Paul Banks) LP, Tim Cohen (Fresh & Onlys guy) LP, Casper & The Cookies DLP, Blue Cheer re-issue LP, Bare Wires LP, Nodzzz 45, Belong LP, Mass Shivers 45, Yes (early BBC stuff) DLP, Cream 4LP, The Cure 4LP, Os Mutantes 3LP, and don’t forget that swag-happy Yo La Tengo DLP preorder…

Rockin’ Our World

Well, Jim saw Dungen & Fleet Foxes at Metro Saturday night and that was pretty frikkin’ awesome even tho it was 100+ degrees in there. Roy went fourwheelin’ and shootin’ in Olney with one of his New Ruins bandmates, and lived to tell the tale (and he’s got the pictures to prove it). But what been gracing the stereo you ask? How about Spacemen 3’s Perfect Prescription, Beaujolais new effort, Joe Pernice’s novel soundtrack, more Lightning Dust than any of us thought possible and the upcoming album by local duo You & Yourn (formerly known as Casados).

That oughter do it.

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